Sales and Inventory System Documentation Chapter 2

Sales and Inventory System Thesis Chapter 2

This is a full document of a Computerized Sales and Inventory System Thesis Chapter 2. The full chapter 2 will focus more on the background of the study and review of related literature and studies sample thesis

Background of the Study

TH Garments Center started since September 1996, owned by Mr. Martyn Yu. It is located at Tayum Street, Kabankalan City. TH Garments Center is almost 20 years in service and yet they are still using the manual method in making their inventory.

The researchers conduct an interview to TH Garments Center and found out that the establishment is still using the manual system, the problem is in keeping records of sales and inventories; the establishment has encountered several problems regarding the monitoring and the stocks checking. In the case of TH Garments center, they are currently using the manual sales and inventory system wherein they list the items and compute sales manually. The proposed system of computerized sales and inventory with the TH Garments center, the tracking of sales, controlling of inventory, recording of products, calculating of numerical data and searching of the item will be translated into a computerize process considering speed, accuracy, and maintainability of the system.

Related System

Sales and Inventory System

According to Shah Janat (2010), the individual in a supply chain, even wholesaler, retailer or manufacturer or vendor, prefers to reduce inventories and then maintaining customer services so not to gone customers because of the non-availability of goods. Huge inventories are a drain on resources from the supplier, as it increases the profits cost of operations. So it is no surprise that all firms want to reduce inventory in the supply chain. The inventory may be divided into various categories. In general, there are the six selected categories of inventories: First, the return of the stock, the inventory resulting from production or purchase in storages is called return of stocks, since the lots are produced or purchased in cyclical lots.

Second is the safety stocks, as the name selected, are maintained as security against uncertainties of demand and supply. The third is the decoupling stocks, which give the efficient needed by each decision-making unit to manage its operations independently and to optimize its capacity to, anticipate inventory which includes of stocks accumulated in advance of the expected peak in sales or that which manage of some Important event that does not occur on regular basis.        

This has two categories, the time where stocks are the most sale and the speculation stocks. The fifth is the pipeline inventory which consists of materials actually being updated on or being changed from one place to another. Lastly, the dead stock which refers to the part of the non-selected inventory and is not the same to any further use in supply chain operations or markets.

Sales Monitoring System

According to Celkon Mobiles, (2010), Celkon is one of the leading manufacturing companies in India. We have available mobile phone solutions and hat is easy to use because it is wireless technologies in India. Celkon caters to the increasing smart needs because there are mobile users in the world. Our work is providing innovative mobile technology to every customer. At Celkon, we believe that every user needs and knowledge more experience than ever. We are dedicated to manufacturing customized user affordable phones. Our company added features to make sure the personality of the phone matches the taste of the user. The long-range capacity of products available at Celkon ensures that there is a phone for every pocket. Every Celkon product undergoes stringent quality tests at every stage of production.

According to  Navarro (2012), Sales and Inventory System, a computer has his is general-purpose using devicewherecan be programmed or re-programmed to carry out the finite set arithmetic or local operation, the computer has a big role in our nation today because of our technology. Wherever you go computer still exist, especially in business it makes the procedure easy and source by programming the manual system into a computerized system. The purpose of technology in our daily life today has a big reason.

Technology is the marking, modification, usage, and knowledge of a new machine or a tool to crafts system method of organization in order to solve a problem, achieve a goal or perform its own function. It also refers to the stocks of such tools, machinery, modification arrangement, and procedure. Technologies significantly affect human as well other animal species ability to control and adapt to their natural environments.

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