Pharmacy Management System Thesis Chapter 1

Pharmacy Management System Thesis Chapter 1

Project context

Dr. Ricardo T. De la Torre Jr. is a general practitioner and has been serving for almost 34 years. He was a resident doctor at Gov. Valeriano M. Gatuslao Memorial Hospital but has decided to retire and just focus on his clinic which was located at Binalbagan, Negros Occidental.

Seeing the number of his patients increased day by day, he and his wife decided to put up a more spacious and comfortable clinic with its very own pharmacy. It was in the year of 2016 that the DLT pharmacy was established with only 2 employees.

With a passion to serve the poor and needy, Dr. De la Torre didn’t let any struggle hinder his advocacy and pursued helping his patients.

As they started the business, they perform manual inventory through physical counts to control the items in the inventory frequently on a daily basis. Go through each medicine and browse through the items.

Writes down each time an item is sold during a single work day. Transactions are written in journals, from which the information is manually rolled up into a set of financial statements. DLT Pharmacy is owned and managed by Dr. Ricardo T. De la Torre Jr. together with his wife, Mrs. Juliet A. De la Torre.

Pharmacy need to implement some form of inventory control system to keep an accurate merchandise count as well as for accounting purpose. There are some problems encountered as the business expansion prospered.

A disadvantage of manual inventory that require continuous monitoring to ensure that each transaction is accounted for that products are maintained at the appropriate stocking levels. There times employees might forget to record a transaction or simply miscount the member of goods.

Pharmacist accidentally switch details and end up with inconsistency or in hand written under that cause problems with customer services.

Customer queries are difficult to respond to as information of medicine is stored in different places. Overlook the stocks that are in critical level.

And when the new drugs or new batches of the drug arrive in the Pharmacy the manual entry is done in the register and this also followed when the drug is given to any patients.

When the month is completed the workers in the Pharmacy have to generate the list or report manually of the drugs in the Pharmacy. This work is done to maintain require stock in the Pharmacy.  This kind of works my lead to mistake by workers and lead to a major problem.

 Today, the business needs are to have payroll system, enabling a better employee experience without compromising on payroll compliance and risks.

A manual payroll processing system is highly prone to human error that can create untimely or incorrect payments.

Managing and calculating tardiness and absences manually every cut-off for each and every employee is a part of payroll. This is prone to large errors and takes up a lot of time.

Piles of documents compromising of manual recording of attendance and time tracking of employees are inefficient to keep track of. Miscalculation can lead to employees getting less or more than they are actually entitled to maintaining critical employee data in hard copies or excel sheets is not all secure.

Purpose and Description

The purpose of the proposed system(Pharmacy Management System Thesis Chapter 1) is that this is a complete dispensing workflow management system that is designed to improve accuracy, enhance safety and efficiency.

Most Pharmacies are still doing their whole work manually; this manual  system  requires  the  pharmacist  or  workers  to manually  monitor  all  the  process  and  to  check  the presence of the each drug in Pharmacy.

 Therefore to solve  this  kind  of  problems  the  urgent need  is  to  develop  a  Pharmacy  management  system that  will  prove  beneficial  for  the  Pharmacy. 

By using  this  software  we  can  generate  bill,  maintain the  stock  very  well,  we  can  do  cost  saving  and maintain  inventory  control.  This system can help pharmacy, to  handle  the  incomings  and  outgoings more smoothly and in a better way.

The payroll system automatically calculates the salary of the employees that is secure and ensures strict compliance. These were design the set-up progress is effortless and easy to run payroll.  This is beneficial where the employers work out their employees’ salaries to make correct computations.

It also saves a lot of time and cost otherwise spend on manual processing.

This project concerned about developing a pharmacy management with employees’ payroll system that will be used for retail and wholesale pharmacies.

The purpose of this project is to manage all data derived for a pharmacy to maintain their business through the system rather than recording their data manually which is more risk to the business to maintain and to avoid loss.

General Objectives

The main goal of Pharmacy Management system is to help make the record keeping, accounting, and payroll simpler.

 Specific Objectives

  1. To provide optimal drug inventory management by monitoring the drug movement in the pharmacy.
  2. To ensure that the system is user friendly and time-saving.
  3. To provide easily accessibility of customer management, sales reports, stock reports, employees’ records, print and prepare invoices for customers within a specified period of time.
  4.  To evaluate the acceptability of the proposed system.

Scope & Limitation

The function what the system do is to store medicine data’s, search medicine data, update effectively, delete, and edit medicine information. It generates report on medicine, prepare bills, gives navigation and information for pharmacy, and set alerts when inventory level falls below based on the minimum quantity in stock.

The pharmacy system is password protected and controlled only by the administrator. The pharmacy system is available based on the needs of user, can work properly, and do transactions efficiently including safe data management of the pharmacy system.

The system doesn’t support online transaction and accepting payment through credit cards, doesn’t support scanner tracking of products for their prices and foreign currency.

Significance of the study

Pharmacy management has its own significance to the pharmacy. Using this system help to records all transaction made at the daily sales, it help to recognize all customers, employees, balance stock, etc.

It manage all activities around the pharmacy that increases productivity and minimize the risk of getting loss because all transaction recorded to the system and viewed id needed and the whole reports of the business will be shown  at any time needed to be done.

This study is significant to the following:

Pharmacy Owner/ Manager

This study will help the manager/owner to balance the inventory in order to eliminate shortage, overstocking, and stock obsolescence. Being able to track and analyze sales that will help to figure out how to reach sales targets effectively. It helps manager perform quality control audits to ensure accuracy in payroll.


This study will help the Cashier tracking customer transactions and speeding process of receipt. The system functions to record sales, calculate change, provide look-ups and print customer receipts.


This study will help the customer save time in spending extra time in service interaction in the pharmacy.


The developed system will enhance and deepen our knowledge in programming and system development.

This will improve our skills in analyzing and solving problems which may we apply in the real world.

Future Researcher

The developed systems will benefit the future researcher by making this as their future reference in conducting similar studies.

Definition of Terms

For the clarification of the common understanding, the key word that has been used in this study will be defined as follow:


Inventory – a complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building.

Operationally, It refer to the stock products on hand of DLT pharmacy has delivered by their suppliers.

Generate Report

Generate Report – is a computer program whose purpose is to take data from a source such as a database, XML stream or a spreadsheet, and use it to produce a document in a format which satisfies a particular human readership. 

Operationally, The propose pharmacy management system generate report weakly on information about the drugs and it exports the information as outputs documents.


Bill – an amount of money owed for goods supplied or services rendered, set out in a printed or written statement of charges.

Operationally, the piece of paper which store information about single medicine in which printed or save into the system of Pharmacy Management.


Medicine -the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

Operationally, Is an entity in which recorded, deleted, updated in the DLT Pharmacy Management System and finally saved into the system Disk for re access the data what done.

DLT Pharmacy Management System

DLT Pharmacy Management System is a system that stores data and enables functionality that organizes and maintains the medication use process within pharmacies.

 Operationally, A computer system that store the pharmacy data and retrieves necessary information about medicines according to the user needs.


Sales is the exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something.

Operationally, the act of selling a medicine in DLT Pharmacy Management System which involves the cashier and the customers patient during transactions.


System is a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.

Operationally, is representing for monitoring of stock inventory and cashiering of sales in DLT Pharmacy Management.

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Here’s the complete Source code Pharmacy management System project

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