Online Restaurant Management System Documentation Chapter 1

Online Restaurant Management System Documentation Chapter 1

Online Restaurant Management System Documentation Chapter 1 can be used by employees in a restaurant to handle the clients ,their orders and can help them easily find free tables or orders. The main objective of the Online Restaurant Management system is to provide ordering and reservation service by online to the customer.

Online Restaurant Management System Documentation Chapter 1

  1. Project Context

  2. General Objectives

  3. Specific Objectives

  4. Purpose Description

  5. Scope Limitation

  6. Significance of the Study

  7. Definition of Terms


Project Context

Nowadays people live in a complete different life compared with years ago since the arrival of the technology. Technology is one of the main ways we change the world. Whenever, people meet up together for a several hours, they’re going to require food, and beverages. This (Online Restaurant Management System Documentation Chapter 1) restaurant caters for parties like Birthday, Wedding, Anniversaries, Christening and Christmas parties. “The ultimate promise of technology is to make of a world that we command by the push of a button.”(Volker Grassmuck)

                      The advancement of technology has revolutionized the way we do things. It has provided us with means to improves our lives and maximize our sources, time and effort. With the use of this technologies many transaction have become faster, more efficient, accurate and effectiveness to the management. Technology is important in today’s world because it serves a variety of function in many of the most important aspects in modern society like communication, education and business.

                      The current system used by Alton Restaurant is a paper-based system in all information of transaction are recorded and stored in a logbook. Operation it takes time to look for what they need and it is not efficient because the owner spends a lot of time in finding the record of the old transaction. They’re going a lot of time in changing the records of transaction if the filled up with wrong information due to human error.       According to the manager of the restaurant, because they keep on doing their job manually, it resulted to a very messy office, lots of papers around the desks and information gathered, the proponents came up with an idea of proposing a system that is relevant to the needs of the restaurant, highly efficient to meet their needs and most of all simple. They need to use our system to make easier with their business. The Alton’s Restaurant is located at Barangay 9 near Zaycoland Resort in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental handled all logistics associated with food in a bucket, beverages and live band entertainment. The ambience of the place can refresh all the stress of every customer. They can enjoy the fresh air and feel relax. It can accommodate customers from time to time especially nearly places from Kabankalan City.

Restaurant Management System Projec...
Restaurant Management System Project in C++ with Source Code (Free Download) 2022

                      The proposed Alton Management System with Online Reservation aims to organize data that computerized the process of managing their transaction and recording inventory of their food and beverages.

General Objectives

                      The objective of the study is to develop on automated system and to replace the manual operation currently used by the Alton Restaurant.

Specific Objectives

This study aims to attain the following:

  • To provide fast, efficient and reliable system by the way of managing the records of all their transaction.
  • To evaluate the acceptability of proposed system.

Purpose and Description

The purpose of the Online Alton Management System is to lessen paper works, reduce human errors and make sure that the customer satisfied the service rendered.

                        Online Alton’s Management System is a computer-based system that enhances the productivity of their catering services in terms of reservation and adds for other information. They accept any catering services in Alton’s place only and they not catered outside for any services. The system is an internet based. The system is intended for Administrator, Organizer, and costumers. All users can view a list of menu through the website.

Scope and Limitation

The ONLINE ALTON MANAGEMENT SYSTEM includes: Billing, Inventory, Website, and Reservation. This system will change the manual system of the business in order for the user to work easier and provide faster transaction for the customer. It can produce an accurate and reliable report which includes print-outs of receipt for customer’s payment and inventory of menu’s, beverages, etc.

                  The system will only be manipulated by the authorized person like the owner or the personnel. An authorized person has a registered account in the system for the History of the system. Our study does not offer payroll system for the employees. The system does not accept a credits card.

Significance of the study

                   The proposed system would improve the operational function of the restaurant. This Online Restaurant Management System Documentation Chapter 1 will be beneficial to the following:

The Alton Restaurant. The system will provide automatic transaction to the restaurant. It has a database to retrieve all the information needed in the transaction. 

Owner. Easy them to monitor and controlling their business.

Manager. For they could trace all transaction efficiently all reports are accurate and it provide more reliable recording of sales of the restaurant with comparison to its actual cost. In addition, the data needed by the company to decide matters in relation to inventory can be easily generated.

Cashier. The system will do the operation in locating the customer by their account number during payment process and will use printer that print-out official receipt.

Customers. Help them reduce time and effort in queuing at the cashier counter, it also provide security to their payments and records.

Researcher Future Researcher. The proposed system will benefit the future researchers by making this as their future reference in conducting similar studies.

Definition of Terms

                   These terminologies were gathered by the proponent for better and clearer understanding of the study.

  • Billing. The process of making an official receipt.

In this study, it is defined as the process of sending an official receipt to the customer.

  • Catering. Provides food and Beverages normally at the social events.

In the study, it refers to the business of providing food services.

  • Database. Allows data to be easily accessed, manipulated, updated and also used by an organization as a method of storing, managing and retrieving information.

In this study, all the transactions in the restaurant can be stored at the database.  

  • Inventory. A complete listing of all menus and utensils in the restaurant, made every day by business concern.

In this study, all the menus of the restaurant can automatically monitor and to avoid over supplies.

  • Reservation. An arrangement made in advance to have a table available at a restaurant. In this study, it refers to the advance booking of a table made by the customer.


You can download also here the Restaurant management System Project using Java Source code here.

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