Documentation for an Online Restaurant Management System: Chapter 2

Documentation for an Online Restaurant Management System: Chapter 2

This Documentation for an Online Restaurant Management System: Chapter 2 will discuss the conceptual and theoretical development of mailing system which means the previous works and comparing between the existing systems. 

Here’s the Outline of Documentation for an Online Restaurant Management System: Chapter 2

Online Restaurant Management System: Chapter 2

  1. Review of Related Literature and Prior Arts

  2. Local Related Literature

  3. Foreign Related Literature

  4. Local Related System

  5. foreign Related System

  6. Table 1. Features and Comparison of Foreign and Local System


The chapter basis and guide for developing an Online Alton Management System.


Barrio Fiesta Restaurant

According to Ms. Evangelista Ongpauco, Manager Barrio Fiesta located at Sm North, Edsa with today’s fast-paced world, finding time to have dinner is almost impossible. Most of the time you’d rather catching on some sleep or you’re rushing finish last week’s workload before this week rools in Restaurant like Barrio Fiesta have made  possible for families to come together, sit down to a good meal of Filipino. Vouchers are valid for dine in only. Barrio Fiesta Restaurant also offers reservation. Cancellation of Reservation redeem vouchers within validity period will render the voucher invalid. (Shira Ongpauco, 2012)

Sailes Diner Restaurant

        According to Ms. Joy Santos and Ms. Irene Lalu (manager) of sales Diner Restaurant, this located at Susano Road, Deparo Caloocan City. In terms of their ordering transaction, the restaurants receive orders from the customer over the counter. Customer will choose their order in a printed display menu above the counter. Customer will receive a printed receipt after the order was made the customer will receive easily identify where  they will give the cooked dish or meal .the restaurants accept reservation for parties and other catering events customer must give a down payment the restaurant accept the  reservation for parties and other catering events. (Joy Santos and Irene Lalu, 2014)

MJ Restaurant

      According to Mr. Michael A. Sarapi general manager of MJ Restaurant located at Sta. Cruz Manila, California Village, Novaliches Quezon City. In terms of ordering transaction the restaurant receive orders over the counter. The customer will choose their order in printed menu and go to the counter. The customer will give their order and their payment. After order was made the customer will receive a number the number service as their identification so that the waiter can easily identify where they will give the cooked dish or meal. The only computerized system their restaurant is the catering event. The customer must give a down payment. The restaurant accepts reservation for parties and other catering events. Customer must give a down payment so that the reservation will be accepted. (Michael Sarapi, 2012)


Flight Catering

According to Othman and Liawati, Flight catering uses an inventory control which has the data level where the day-to-day business is organized. Activities here are data-driven and primarily concerned with short-term planning and recording events . Inventory control is concerned with maintaining the correct level of stock and recording. (Abu Othman and Nor Liawati, 2013)

Baggers Restaurant

According to Mr. Michael Mack owner of the Baggers Restaurant they reinvented the restaurant and overtaken the restaurant of the first and second dimension (service and self- service restaurant). Experience the state of art information technology in a restaurant for the first time. Before placing the orders via touch screen, the customer can read about selected suppliers, the concept or attractive bonus system. Baggers restaurant software offers hit list of other guest to ease their choice. And after dinner they can evaluate the meals, service or the ambience of the restaurant, recommend us Via E-mail or SMS- The customer can do directly per touch screen at your seat. (Michael Mack, 2015)

Quick Staff

       According to Studios, Quick staff is a system which can help to schedule and organize the staff for the events/job with ease and speed. Their system contains the schedule and assigned task of their employees. (Adoro Studios, 2014)


Restaurant Catering System

    According to Attias, an application is a better way for the customer to order what they want to and also it is the administrator trick in marketing their business. In this system, you can find where you can track all phone calls, meetings, order and activities through online/internet transaction.  The similarities of the proposed system to the Restaurant Catering System is they have a connectivity, web-based, reservation or catering, and the differences  is they catered outside or other places but Alton can catered only at their restaurantand they have an inventory of all the menu and utensils. (Michael Attias, 2017)

Max’s Restaurant Online Ordering System

According to Maximo Gimenez owner of Max’s Restaurant Online displays different list of food and beverages provided with descriptions and how the food is being processed that determine the quantity that the customer wants to order. If patrons missed some order, it can update automatically by clicking the update food tray button . There’s no need for patrons to count the bill for the payment because it will automatically count once the patron click the items they want.The similarities of the proposed system to the Max’s Restaurant are almost the same in terms of Connectivity, Website, Inventory, Reservation and Gallery. (Maximo Gimenez, 2012)

Chownow Restaurant Ordering System

Chownow Restaurant Ordering System, a web based ordering system that offers user interface, is innovative and easy to navigate, so customers use the app again in again. With catering platform large orders are made electronically so there’s no room for error. Plus, the owner can set the minimum amount of warning time for kitchen. It sends data or information through Emails and Facebook.Chownow Restaurant is similar to the proposed system in their Connectivity, Web-based and Gallery. The differences between the two systems is the Inventory and Reservation not applied to Chownow Restaurant Ordering System. (Ezra Adier, 2014)


VillaTronco Italian Restaurant Online Reservation and Ordering Website

According to Carmella Villatronco, VillaTronco Italian Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in South Carolina. It has been owned and created by three generations of the Tronco family. They first introduced pizza to Columbia and are known to serve pasta and other authentic Italian food. They have an online reservation and online ordering system which it can help to lessen the time and automate their reservation and order. (Carmella Villatronco, 2016)

eZeeeMenu of Digital Restaurant Menu, eZeeeTechnosys

           eZeeeMenu works on both Apple and Android devices and it optimizes itself according to the screen size without breaking the experience for the guest or the staff Restaurateurs can fully customize the menu, categorizing various menu groups and items so that customers do not have to scroll through list of items, making it easier for the customers to navigate and know exactly what they are looking for. Customers will love the one-touch browsing experience on the device of their choice or device of restaurant’s preference. This precision will save time of the restaurants valuable customers and greatly enhance their overall service. (Pvt. Ltd., 2014)

Eveve Restaurant Website

According to Mark Reilly, Eveve Restaurant System demand for tables exceeds availability, reservation becomes necessary for discerning guests, who want to avoid wasting time for diners who are resource-rich and time poor. They also offer reservations, their reservation boost the customer experience and maximize revenue for the restaurant. (Mark Reilly, 2013)

Table 1. Features and Comparison of Foreign and Local System

Connectivity Web-based Inventory Reservation Gallery
  Restaurant Catering System   YES YES   NO   YES NO  
  Max’s Restaurant Online Ordering System       YES YES   YES     YES YES    
Chownow Restaurant Ordering System   YES YES   NO   NO YES  
VillaTronco Website   YES YES   NO   YES NO  
    eZeeeMenu of Digital Restaurant         YES      YES       NO NO       YES      
  Eveve Restaurant Website   YES YES   YES   YES NO  
  Online Alton Management System   YES YES   YES   YES YES  

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