Online Medicine Delivery System Chapter V

Online Medicine Delivery System

The Online Medicine Delivery System deals with the summary of findings, its conclusions, and recommendations. The proponents conducted a survey to measure the usefulness and acceptability of the Online Medicine Delivery System with SMS Notification. Then the collected result of the survey will be evaluated through the data given by the responders.

The statements below are the findings about the developed system.

The result from the Experts’ evaluation to the Online Medicine Delivery System with SMS Notification which is based on the criteria from the (PSSUQ) Post- Study System Usability Questionnaire was 3.9111 and it was verbally interpreted that they Satisfactory with the Systems functionality.

The result from the End-users’ evaluation to the Online Medicine Delivery System with SMS Notification which is based on the criteria from the (PSSUQ) Post- Study System Usability Questionnaire was 4.267 and it was verbally interpreted that they Very Satisfactory with the Systems functionality.

From the result and finding of the study, the following were plausibly concluded: Thesis Project Online Delivery System Document

  1. The majority of the respondents were males with a total number of 10 compare to the female with total value of 5. Most are online riders from different online platform.
  2. Based on the survey conducted from the users, the systems’ usefulness, Information Quality and Interface Quality are all very satisfactory. Overall, the End-users Evaluation results is very satisfactory with the systems’ functionality.
  3. Based on the survey conducted from the experts, the systems’ usefulness and Information Quality was rated satisfactorily while Interface Quality are all very satisfactory. Overall, the End-users Evaluation results is satisfactory with the systems’ functionality.
  4. Generally, the level verbal interpretation of system in term of different areas; systems’ usefulness, Information Quality and Interface Quality are satisfactory and very satisfactory.

Conclusion 1

 1. Administration ensures an organization’s activities run smoothly and efficiently. The primary goals of an administration are to direct, control and supervise the support services of the organization to facilitate its success. The manager achieves this goal by ensuring free flow of communication and efficient use of resources throughout the organization.

2. Delivery rider communicated by the admin who understands the principles associated with customer service and have knowledge regarding the transaction. Maintain records of receiving money from customer and inspect products for transaction.

  • 3. Customer inquiries can give a lot of valuable insight to ensure customer satisfaction manipulation of orders to the customers be so easy and quick by just clicking on the menu and choosing the desired item.
  • 4. Management reports informing managers of different aspects of the timely, clear, relevant, and easily-accessed and has the capability of running automated reports.


In the light of the findings and conclusion derived from the study, the following recommendations are formulated:

  1. The system can be use as it gives a satisfactory result based on the gathered data.
  2. The system is highly recommended in terms of its functions: Systems’ Usefulness, Information Quality and Interface Quality.
  3. The system is adaptable as online platform for business web based application.


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Appendix A

Relevant Resource Code

function assignrider(){
if (isset($_POST['assign'])) {
	# code...

	global $mydb;
 	        $Order = New Order();
			$Order->EMPID  = $_POST['empid'];
			$Order->CUSTOMERID  = $_POST['customerid'];

			$summary = New Summary();
			$summary->EMPID       = $_POST['empid'];
			$summary->ORDEREDSTATS       = 'To Received';

			$employee = New Employee();
			//$employee->EMPID       = $_POST['empid'];
			$query5 = "SELECT * FROM `tblemployee` WHERE EMPID=".$_POST['empid'];
			$cur5 = $mydb->loadSingleResult();

			$employee->total_delivered  = $cur5->total_delivered + 1;

			$query = "SELECT * FROM `tblcustomer` WHERE CUSTOMERID=".$_POST['customerid'];
			$cur = $mydb->loadSingleResult();
			$num = $cur->PHONE;
			//$emp = $cur->FNAME;

			$query1 = "SELECT * FROM `tblemployee` WHERE EMPID=".$_POST['empid'];
			$cur1 = $mydb->loadSingleResult();
			$empnum = $cur1->CONTACT;
			$emp = $cur1->FNAME;

$Messageout = new Messageout();
$Messageout->MessageTo = $num;
$Messageout->MessageText = 'The Rider '.$emp.' will deliver your order today! Pls prepare exact amount of '.$_POST['price'].'.. For queries, pls contact. +639164762692. Thank you! ';

$Message = new Messageout();
$Message->MessageTo = $empnum;
$Message->MessageText = ' '.$emp.' You have a medicine to deliver! Please kindly visit your account on the rider website for more info about the customer order. Pls prepare exact amount of '.$_POST['price'].'.. From admin. +639164762692. Thank you! ';

            message("Rider Assigned Successfully.", "success");

<div class="container">
		 if (!isset($_SESSION['USERID'])){


 	<div class="row">
       	 <div class="col-lg-12">
            <h1 class="page-header">List of Orders</h1>
				 <div class="table-responsive">	
                  <table id="example" class="table  table-striped table-bordered table-hover"  style="font-size:12px" cellspacing="0">
			 		<tr >
				  		<th>Receipt Photo</th>
				  		<th width="100px">Action</th>
				  		$query = "SELECT * FROM `tblsummary` s ,`tblcustomer` c 
				  		$cur = $mydb->loadResultList();

						foreach ($cur as $result) {

						echo '<tr>';
				  		echo '<td width="3%" align="center"></td>';
				  		echo '<td><a href="#" title="View list Of ordered" data-target="#myModal" data-toggle="modal" class="orders" data-id="'.$result->ORDEREDNUM.'">'.$result->ORDEREDNUM .'</a> </td>';  
				  		echo '<td><a href="index.php?view=customerdetails&customerid='.$result->CUSTOMERID.'" title="View customer information">'. $result->FNAME.' '. $result->LNAME.'</a></td>';
				  		echo '<td style="padding:0px;">
              <img style="width:100px;height:50px;padding:0;"  src="'. web_root.'customer/'.$result->IMAGE . '">
				  		echo '<td>'. date_format(date_create($result->ORDEREDDATE),"M/d/Y h:i:s").'</td>';
				  		echo '<td> &#8369 '.number_format($result->PAYMENT ,2).'</td>';
				  		echo '<td >'.$result->PAYMENTMETHOD .'</td>';
				  		echo '<td >'. $result->ORDEREDSTATS.'</td>';
				  				echo '<td><a href="controller.php?action=edit&id='.$result->ORDEREDNUM.'&customerid='.$result->CUSTOMERID.'&actions=cancel" class="btn btn-danger btn-xs">Cancel</a>
				  				<a href="controller.php?action=edit&id='.$result->ORDEREDNUM.'&customerid='.$result->CUSTOMERID.'&PHONE='.$result->PHONE.'&actions=confirm"  class="btn btn-primary btn-xs">Confirm</a></td>';
				  	 			echo '<td><a href="#"  class="btn btn-success btn-xs" disabled>Confirmed</a>
				  	 			     <a href="#" data-target="#myModal1'.$result->ORDEREDNUM.'" data-toggle="modal" class="btn btn-info btn-xs">Assign Rider</a></td>';?>

	<div class="modal fade" id="myModal1<?php echo $result->ORDEREDNUM; ?>" tabindex="-1">
			<div class="modals-dialog" style="width:30%">
<div class="modal-content">

				foreach ($cur1 as $result1) {
				<option value="<?php echo $result1->EMPID;?>"><?php echo $result1->FNAME.' '.$result1->MNAME.' '.$result1->LNAME.'--------->Total Delivered'.'('.$result1->total_delivered.')' ?></option>
		<div class="modal-footer">
			 <button class="btn  btn-primary btn-sm" name="assign" type="submit" ><span class="fa fa-save fw-fa"></span> Save</button>


				  	 		 }elseif($result->ORDEREDSTATS=='To Received'){
				  	 		 	echo '<td> </td>';

			  	 			 echo '<td style="background-color: green; color: white"><i>Transaction Complete</i></td>';
				  		echo '</tr>';
  <div class="modal fade" id="myModal" tabindex="-1">

Appendix B


Experts’ Questionnaire

Name (Optional): ____________Date Evaluated: ______________

Direction: Please evaluate the following content to determine the acceptability of “Online Medicine Delivery System with SMS Notification”. Please indicate your honest and sincere response to each statement by checking the number to the space provided.


1 – Very Unsatisfactory

2 – Unsatisfactory

3 – Satisfactory

4 – Very Satisfactory

5 – Outstanding

 Criteria for Evaluation12345
1Overall, I am satisfied with how easy it is to use this system.     
2It was simple to use this system.     
3I was able to complete the tasks and scenarios quickly using this system.     
4I felt comfortable using this system.     
5It was easy to learn to use this system.     
6I believe I could become productive quickly using this system.     
7The system gave error messages that clearly told me how to fix problems.     
8Whenever I made a mistake using the system, I could recover easily and quickly.     
9The information (such as online help, on-screen messages, and other documentation) provided with this system was clear.     
10It was easy to find the information I needed.     
11The information was effective in helping me complete the tasks and scenarios.     
12The organization of information on the system screens was clear.     
13The interface of this system was pleasant.     
14I liked using the interface of this system.     
15This system has all the functions and capabilities I expect it to have.     
16Overall, I am satisfied with this system.     

Appendix C


Add New Product

Figure 36: Input for New Product

Add New Category

Figure 37: Input for New Category

Add New Employee

Figure 38: Input for Add New Category

Add New User

Figure 39: Input for Add New User

Appendix D


List of Ordered Products/Record

Figure 40: List of Ordered Products/Record

List of Commission/Record

Figure 41: List of Commission/Record

Appendix E

User’s Guide

The Following figures serves as the users’ guide in using the system.

Figure 42: User’s Guide for Login Page

Figure 43: User’s Guide for Inputs

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