Law Firm Document Management System Chapter 1

Law Firm Document Management System Chapter 1

This Law Firm Document Management System provides management of the company, reservations of scheduling and services, and commission for the employees. In connection, The said system will provide convenience and efficiency for both the client and the user or the lawyer and also for the manager of all the transactions.

In today’s generation every company needs a system that can help its employees or the owner make their jobs easier and faster. A law firm has a problem on how to make their work efficient, specifically on finding the files of the clients because it will consume much time in looking for it.

We come up to make a system that can save their time in finding the file needed. Instead of scanning a bunch of documents manually, they would prefer to look for it in a computerize way which is more convenient and less time consuming. In terms of appointments, we come up to make a website where the client could set their schedules for walk in and could notify each client through SMS notification.

The Law Firm Management System Documentation will provide convenience and efficiency for both the client and the user or the lawyer and also for the manager of all the transactions they will make. It will help them input the data or information of the clients, lawyers, transactions and etc. easier to look for. By this system, it will be a big help for them to compete with other Firms in terms of faster way of working and also for them to efficiently manipulate their schedules.

The Law Firm Management System Documentation is having a hard time scheduling, finding files easily and writing everything manually. In case the lawyers are not around, it is a hassle for them to look for files in case a client wanted to have a copy of it. Also, every time they input information or transactions it should be in there main office because everything is in there unlike when using the said system, you can do transactions anywhere a lawyer wants to.

Law Firm Management System Thesis Project : Purpose and Description

The purpose of the Law Firm Management System is to minimize the work load and the accuracy of time in scanning the documents, to efficiently manage their schedules for transaction like meeting a client or having a hearing in specified date and time, and to keep the records of transactions, clients, and lawyers safely. To easily have a transaction with the client in case the lawyer is not in his office or far from his office. And for urgent request of printing of documents of the clients. In terms of appointment, the purpose of website for clients is for the time management for both the clients and lawyers.
In having a transaction with the Client the first thing that the Lawyer will do is to record the information of the Client and then do the transaction and scheduling.

Law Firm Management System Thesis Chapter 1 : General Objectives

This study aims to develop a system that can efficiently manage all of the transactions the Law Firm needs and to efficiently manage the clients in terms of walk-in by scheduling their appointments before doing a transaction.

Law Firm Management System Documentation Specific Objectives

1. To provide a system that can keep all of their records safely.
2. To provide a system that can minimize their work and time for finding a file and for printing.
3. To provide a user-friendly system that the lawyer can easily have an access to its account and can easily have a transaction.
4. To evaluate the acceptability of the proposed system.
5. To provide the client an open source or web-based system for appointments and availability of each lawyer.

Scope and Limitations

This system manages the records of the Lawyers, Clients, Transactions and Scheduling. The system also has automation for printing in case of urgent printing of documents and provides a website for scheduling an appointment for clients.

This system is only manageable by the Head Manager of the Firm, and the Lawyers, they can only access their own accounts and can only see the information of their own transactions, schedule, and the information of their clients.

And for the clients, the proponents provides a website for their appointments before the consultation, counselling and services.

Significance of the study

 This study is significant to the following:


This study is convenient to the client in terms of transaction.

Head Manager of the Law Firm

In this study, the Head Manager of the Law Firm can handle and manage all of the records of the company, like the Records of Lawyers and their Clients, all of the transactions, and the schedules without any problem and in an easier way.


This system will be used by Lawyers with no inconvenience in recording information of the clients and its transaction.


The researchers can use this as their guide for their design and the flow of their system.

Future Researchers

 The future researchers can use this as a guide or reference for their system.

Definition of Terms


convert (information) to a form which is stored or processed by computer. (Conceptual)

In this study, computerize means converting the manual way of storing data into an easy and convenient way using a system. (Operational)


the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. (Conceptual)

In this study, they are the one who is handling the flow of the whole system. (Operational)


it is the action of notifying someone or something. (Conceptual)

In this study, notification is the one that alerts the lawyer if he/she has a transaction. (Operational)


records are things constituting a piece of evidence about the past, especially an account of an act or occurrence kept in writing or some other permanent form. (Conceptual)

In this study, records are the information or data of the clients, lawyers, and transactions that had been saved. (Operational)


it is the arranging or planning (an event) to take place at a particular time. (Conceptual)

In this study, scheduling means providing an efficient schedule to the lawyers. (Operational)


system is a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. (Conceptual)

In this study, system makes things easier and faster for the lawyer and clients. (Operational)


it is the action of conducting business. (Conceptual)

In this study, it is the agreement between the client and lawyer. (Operational)

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