Automated Basketball Scheduling and Monitoring System – Chapter 1

Automated Basketball Scheduling and Monitoring System – Chapter 1

This article of Automated Basketball Scheduling and Result Monitoring System Documentation provides you the chapter 1 contents of the system created for the convenience of Basketball tournament scheduling. The system will help Basketball facilitators or administrators in managing events that happens during holding a sport or basketball tournament.

The Automated Basketball Scheduling and Result Monitoring System generates brackets of matches of the teams that is in the basketball tournament. In line with managing the tournament, this system also saves the information and results of the teams that categorized by the tournament type. This system will also be applicable to other sport tournament when improved.

Here’s the outline on how to make Automated Basketball Scheduling and Monitoring System – Chapter 1

  1. Project Context
  2. Purpose and Description
  3. General Objectives
  4. Specific Objectives
  5. Scope and Limitations
  6. Significance of the Study
  7. Definition of Terms

Project Context

Managing Basketball Tournament was not just about game activities, it has also various transactions which includes evaluation of the game matches and provision of schedules. Manual way of doing these activities were unable to provide such schedule and venues for various basketball in a small period of time. It takes a lot of time in creating schedules before it could be done and there are also instances that a schedule would be moved or cancel because of unexpected happenings, and this will cause a lot of effort and time for the administrators to inform the participating group of players, in which also causes the delay of the program and waste of time and effort of the players for their preparation because they were not informed ahead of time.

Transactions that were done manually are not applicable nowadays. Aside from that it is not secured, tracing of these transactions was also hard for the administrators because they lack back-ups. Issues were not just about that, informing the participants involved in the tournament will also consume a lot of time and effort for the administrators. To accomplish such things, the management would need lot of individuals to do the job. To improve such and to provide convenience to these activities, a development should be created with the use of technology.

Purpose and Description

The efficiency of basketball tournament scheduling and provision of schedules and venues of each match were the main purpose of creating Automated Basketball Scheduling. Plotting of the schedules of each match is essential to the administrators and with the help of this system, plotting of time, venues and designation could be manageable because this system will save up records and schedules of all the activities with less consumption of time and effort. Also the administrator won’t need a lot of individuals to do the facilitating because he has the basis to monitor down the events that are played at a certain time. He will also be informed of which venues were already used. It is also convenient for them to announce the flow of events and other matters involved in the tournament held because they had the records which is essential for hosting a Basketball and they can still keep control out of the unexpected incidents that may occur during the event.

General Objectives

To provide more efficient and productive way of scheduling and monitoring of Basketball Tournament events was the main goal of this study.

Specific Objectives

  1. To design and develop the system with following features:
  • Algorithm to generate an automatic bracketing of game schedules.
  • Storage for the players’/participants’ information for securing the important data for essential purposes.
  • Save up important records of every game matches and to be the basis of the schedules which is given to the players.
  1. To evaluate the usability of the system according to the following parameters:
  • System Usefulness
  • Information quality
  • Interface quality
  • Overall Usability
  1. Develop a User’s Manual

Scope and limitation of the Study

Automated Basketball Scheduling and Result Monitoring System will gather information of the administrator, players or participating teams to provide them the schedules of time, ranges, and venue in every basketball match and to monitor every event during the duration of the tournament. This system will also be responsible for the bracketing of the matches with the mostly used tournament type the Single-elimination, Double-elimination and Round-robin.

This study will only perform the most used elimination rounds in basketball tournament which were according to Sir Jose Valerie Villaflor, Sir Mario Cesar and Sir Alfie Garganian: the single elimination, double elimination and the round robin and only be applicable for the basketball related events and activities and not applicable for any other transactions unrelated to basketball tournament.

Significance of the Study

This study is significant to these individuals:


This study is usable for the controlling of every events held in Basketball and other basketball related activities and could help the administrators to lighten their jobs.

Participating Schools

This system will keep these individuals updated about what to do, where to go and when to do their assigned matched schedule and to avoid uncertain conflict of events for better productivity of the participants involved.


This could be their basis in developing this study and the record of the possible and expected features of the system.

Future Researchers

This will be a reference for them if they would like to improve this system or if this study is related to their future researches.

Definition of Terms


The persons who takes charge of every event in the basketball activities. They are also the one’s that will manipulate this system.

Basketball Tournament

The basis in creating the proposed system with its series of events and essential processes to achieve an efficient and functional system.

Information Quality

Refers to how does the study handles the inputs or data which is important reason for the proponents in the proposed study. This is to rate the security and storage or usefulness of the study in terms of data handling.

Interface Quality

Refers to the easiness and efficiency of the interface for the targeted users. The good quality interface helps the users with the good interactions with the proposed system and could make them comfortable to use the study.


The individuals who takes control on the flow of events in a certain activity and they were also responsible for the plotting of schedules which will be encoded in this system.

Overall Usability

Refers to the rating of the users on how functional the proposed study is and if it meets the needs of the targeted users. This also rates the usefulness, security and easiness of the proposed study.


Are used for the tracing of scores of the various matches which will be needed for the revealing of the winners of the basketball tournament.


Planning or plotting of time, events and venues for basketball procedures. Scheduling will be easy with the use of this proposed system.


Programmed system that saves and updates important data in managing and monitoring every operation happen in basketball events.

System Usefulness

The measurement of how useful the system to the targeted users. This means that the system usefulness rates gives the proponents the information on how the study works or how helpful the study is.

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