Simple Computer Aided Instruction System Using Visual Basic.Net


This Computer Aided Instruction System(CAIs) Level 1 includes the use of computers to teach academic skills and to promote communication and language development skills.





The features of this Computer Aided Instruction System:

  1. It has an admin side that enables the user to customize the text headings of the main form, Description, Test Questionnaire for test Yourself, Chapters and Logo Section.
  2. It is connected to Word Web Dictionary and Test yourself and able to save test record after taking the test.
  3. The admin has the ability to set the Chapter Title, Description, Videos and has a Built-in Media Player.
  4. It is capable of reading text description based the topic description of a specific chapter.
  5. Microsoft Access used for the Database.

Instruction: If the Word Web will throw a message like “File not found!” it means that you need to install the Word Web the installer can be found inside the zip folder. To access the Admin “Contol Panel” just press “alt + l” and log in using “Username: admin and Password: a”.If you have some question with regards to this program and any suggestion or comments just PM @ my email: [email protected].


You can download the Source Code here.CAI_Level1

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