Poultry Management System Source Code


Poultry Management System Source Code is a sample System uses to manage the farm daily undertakings in monitoring their inventory. With this system, it can help farm to the speed-up transactions and supervised their products effectively. And for the company  Sale  Quickly their  Product. And for the Customer to pay easily automatically.  I make this program to   Improve their cashiering  System.


·         For the Customer to pay easily automatically.

·         To compute the quantity or product of the company.

·          To help the company improve their cashiering system.

     Username: salas

       Password: mark

d   If you have any question or suggestion regarding Poultry Management System, just drop me a message in our contact page:

            Download the Poultry Management System Source Code here.

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  1. Can you briefly describe/explain how this system actually work pleaseeeee,
    for example;
    – Briefly describe how does it help farmers to the speed-up their transactions as well as supervising their products effectively.
    -How can a customer make his/her payment automatically.

    I really want to know and understand how your beautiful idea works. Please help me. I’m just a new student in that field… Thank you for your help and assistance.


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