Mini Quiz System Using Visual Basic 2013

Mini Quiz System Using Visual Basic 2013

This Mini Quiz System contribute not only entertainment to the users but they can also acquire new knowledge about different disciplines.

These tutorials give you ideas how to make a mini quiz system in Visual Studio 2013.

To start with this tutorial, follow the given steps below.

Step 1. Open your Visual Basic 2013. Then click the ‘New’ and ‘Project’

Step 2. Click ‘Visual Basic’, Select ‘Windows Form Application‘, and ‘OK’

Step 3. Design your form like this; 1 Label, 3 Buttons

Step 4. Find the ‘BackgroundImage‘ from the Properties Window then import your desired background image.

Step 5. Add another form, click ‘Project ‘ then  ‘Add Windows Form

Step 6. Design your new form like this; 1 Link Label, 3 Label, 3 TextBox, and 2 Button

Sample Output with Background Image:

Step 7. To make your account form effective, go to Settings

Step 8. Type ‘Username‘ and ‘Password‘ to the Name

Step 9. Go to form2 then fire the ‘Create Account’ button and type this code.

        My.Settings.Username = username1.Text
        My.Settings.Password = password1.Text
        MsgBox("Your Account Has Been Created")

NOTE: Make sure that you already had your Naming Convention!


Step 10. Add another form and design this way

Step 11. Double click the ‘Log In‘ Button and type this code.

  If username2.Text = My.Settings.Username And
            password2.Text = My.Settings.Password = True Then


            MsgBox("Incorrect Username Or Password")

        End If


Step 11. Add another form to start the game, design the form this way

Step 12. Add another form for the questions

Step 13. Code this to the ‘Submit‘ Button

        If RadioButton4.Checked Then
            MsgBox("You are correct")

            quest8.LBLRIGHT.Text = quest8.LBLRIGHT.Text + 1

            MsgBox("You are wrong")
            quest8.LBLWRONG.Text = quest8.LBLWRONG.Text + 1
        End If
        Dim quest6 As New quest2



NOTE: Make sure that you already had your Naming Convention!

Step 14. Add another form for the summary of scores


Download the full source code here. Mini Quiz System

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