Lorenzo D. Zayco Distric Hospital Records and Management System


Hospital Records PILorenzo D. Zayco Distric Hospital Records and Management System aims to minimize the work load of every staff or employees and replace the existing manual paper based system. This system better control and manage the detailed record of every patient who will be admitted in the hospital. With this, it keep track of all the patients’ records and retrieving can be accessed with ease.


These are the following features of the system:

  • Rooms (adding,updating,Listing)

  • Physician (adding,updating,Listing)

  • Diagnosis (adding,updating,Listing)

  • Patient (adding,updating,Listing)

  • Admit Patient

  • Discharge Patient

  • Reports

  • Manage User

  • Login and Logout


You can access this system using this account.




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Download sourcecode here

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