KCC Teachers Behavioral Inventory System Source Code Version 1

This source code is all about KCC Teachers Behavioral Inventory System Source Code Version 1. Teacher Behavioral Inventory Each section of the inventory begins with a definition of the category of teaching to be assessed in that section. For each specific teaching behavior, please indicate the frequency with which you exhibit the behavior in question. Features of the System.

For database support, the TBI system was built with Visual Basic 2008 and Microsoft Access 2007. As the system evolved, the system was intended to suit changing and new requirements.

The production of assessment forms as well as the analysis of the submitted forms for report statistics have all been effectively implemented. The TBI system’s functions are designed and implemented in such a way that they are only accessible to registered users with the appropriate system rights.

A role is assigned to each user. Students can fill out and submit assessment questionnaires. Administrators at both the system and department levels can establish, amend, and delete user accounts, courses, questions, and comments for students to fill out on evaluation forms.

The findings of the review can be viewed by a System-Level Administrator, who can also generate reports for all departments. The results can be viewed by a Department-Level Administrator, who can also generate reports unique to their department.

Features of the system

  • Can Add and Delete Student
  • Can Add and Delete Teachers
  • Can Add and Delete Schedule of Student Class
  • Can View Overall Mean of the results of behavioral test of a teacher.
  • Admin is the one only can access the results, add student and teachers and schedules.


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