Jail Management System using Vb.net and MS Access Database


Jail Management System using Vb.net and MS Access Database is a system that store all the information of prisoners detained inside the prison, Jail Management System are designed to help agencies efficiently track and process inmates from booking to release. It covers jail management systems, court, and inmate.

FEATURES of Jail Management System using Vb.net:

  • To maintain the records of the prisoner and the various cases registered against them are part of the work of the Jail authority
  • To calculate remission, the probable date of release, the amounts of sentences granted by the court are maintained at the Jail.
  • The PMS s/w captures all the details of the prisoner along with the photo of the prisoner.
  • Nevertheless, the new system should level out the average risk scores of inmates who must be released because of overcrowding. Under the current system, those scores vary wildly.

Download the full Source code here

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