Employee Management System Source Code using VB.Net

Employee Management System in VB.Net

This system entitled employee management system in vb.net is intended for employers especially in the fast-food chain industry to monitor his performance and to receive reports from their employees based on their job done on that day.

Also, the employer can rate the performance, personality and overall rating of his employees.

Features of employee management system Source Code:

  1. Registration – It has a user registration of the information of an employee.

  2. Reports Record -Can generate reports based on company requirements.

  3. Reports Received – It has the receiving of reports.

  4. Edit Content –  The admin can edit content information.

  5. User Maintenance –  For the user, the maintenance is also available when you want to update the user information of login accounts.

  6. Utility – By default, this system has a utility, for example, backup database utility.

  7. SMS Messaging –  Using this system, the admin can manage SMS Messaging. the employee can now receive SMS OR text message notification from the system

  8. Announcements – the system has an announcement feature available for all employees.

  9. Code of Conduct

  10. Feedbacks from Employer – using this system, the employee can give feedback from the employer.

  11. Evaluation – The system has an evaluation of employees based on its performance to work.

This Employee Management System in VB.Net is very convenient especially when the employer wants to automate the Evaluation and other jobs that he did.

For Inquiries:

For questions or any other concerns with the Employee management system project in vb net with source code or thesis/capstone creation with documentation, you can contact me through the following:

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To download the source code, click here.

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