Attendance System using RFID in VB.Net and mySQL

Attendance System using RFID in VB.Net and mySQL

Attendance System using RFID in VB.Net and mySQL is a system where it uses the radio frequency ID technology. This system gets the attendance of incoming and out coming of students inside and outside of the school.

The Attendance Monitoring System is a software-based system with simple functions that can be learned quickly. This is very useful for keeping track of and monitoring student attendance on campus.

The teacher can keep track of the pupils’ attendance by scanning their ID with RFID technology. Due to the amount of time required for teachers to obtain the essential data from pupils, you can save a lot of effort and time by using this approach.

You may also rest certain that the data is secure, and it’s a really effective way to track student attendance. This is made up of Visual Basic 2015, Microsoft Access Database, and Bunifu Frameworks to assist flatten and modernize your desktop application.


In today’s world, attendance is a major concern for each foundation. A paper-based approach is the traditional way of admitting attendance. Students’ failure to sign the attendance paper, lecturers overlooking the attendance list in the study hall, and students signing or marking illegally for a truant are only a few of the issues.

It is vital to depart from the traditional system and to bring better solutions to the difficulties that are now being addressed. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important tools for resolving the problem. This study examines the creation and implementation of an IoT attendance system based on the RFID principle.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a fairly advanced technology for automatic attendance systems, according to this investigation, and it provides significantly improved accuracy and performance than older paper-based systems. Furthermore, it has been determined that, even if RFID is utilized, a second verification method is critical in reducing cheating and enhancing reliability.

Finally, each of the systems covered in this research has its unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Some features are beneficial to some systems while others are not. To solve this, a hybrid model is required, which must ensure that the system is more secure, reliable, low-cost, and performs better.

In this case, the “RFID four tire system with biometrics” might be utilized in conjunction with a sufficient number of RFID tag readers and finger print devices to ensure the system’s security and reliability.

System Features:

  1. Sends SMS to parents of students (depending on the registered contact number upon enrolling).
  2. Sends SMS to the faculty and employees of the school upon logging in, logging out, lunch in and lunch out.
  3. Time restriction upon tapping continuously of RFID (5 minute time interval)

In order for the Attendance System using RFID in VB.Net and mySQL to be fully functional, you need to purchase or have in hand a RFID scanner with sample RFID’s.

Attendance System using RFID in VB.Net and mySQL is dedicated for schools and universities, any other institutions may not be suited for the system.

Watch here before you proceed with a sample Attendance monitoring system used in school activities.

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