Expense Tracker Application in React JS with Source Code

This Expense Tracker Application Project in React JS covers all the necessary elements that may be used by first-year, IT students for their personal learning or college projects, and is built on an Expense Tracking Application that employs React with Hooks and Context API. It has features that allow all users to set up multiple categories to manage their daily revenue and expenses.

This system, as well as the web application, has a clear concept that is similar to real-life scenarios and well-implemented. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the Download button to get a free cost tracker application system project in Reactjs with source code files.

Project Description: Simple Expense Tracker

Moving on, this React.js project’s spending tracker application is primarily concerned with personal income and expense records. Here, the user must just mention his or her expenses and income along with a brief description/title.

When it comes to entering income, he or she should enter the amount immediately rather than starting with a negative, such as “-.” There is no database at the backend of this project.

In this react app’s overview, the user enters their income and expenses, after which the system divides the amount into separate columns and displays it in two different colors.

This application also allows the user to view and delete their history. The app calculates his or her earnings and spending and displays the entire balance.

Finally, a clean and basic dashboard with simple color choices is offered for a better user experience when using this Reactjs spending tracking application. Vanilla CSS is used for the UI elements.

Presenting a new spending tracker application in React that includes a user panel with critical follow-up capabilities and a knowledgeable resource for learning reasons.


  • Manage Expense
  • Manage income
  • History Management
  • Delete Expense and Income
  • Total Balance Calculation

Expense Tracker Application Project in React JS Steps on How to Create a Project

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s the step’s on how to create a Expense Tracker Application in React JS.

  • Step 1: Extract the Project File

    First, Extract the project file and move it to any directory when you’ve finished downloading it.
    Extract in Expense Tracker Application in ReactJS with Source Code

  • Step 2: Install Node.js

    Next, You need to install first the node.js before you can run this Reactjs project.

  • Step 3: Open the folder of Node.js

    Next, After you install the node.js, you will go to the left side of pc or laptop and you will see there a windows button, click the windows button and you will see there the node.js folder. Click the node.js folder then you will see there the node.js command prompt and click it to open the node.js command prompt.

  • Step 4: Copy and Paste the project folder

    Then, after opening the node.js command prompt just type this command “cd” then your directory of your project folder.
    copy folder in Expense Tracker Application in ReactJS with Source Code

  • Step 5: Install Node Modules by entering npm install or yarn install

    Then , after you paste your project folder in the node.js command prompt, just type this command for me I used “yarn install” because it is easy and fast for installing the node modules.

  • Step 6: Enter npm start

    After that installation of node modules, just type this command “npm start”.
    npm start in Expense Tracker Application in ReactJS with Source Code

  • Step 7: You will direct to http://localhost:3000/.

    Finally, after you enter npm start it will directly open to your browser or chrome.

Project Information for Expense Tracker Application Project in React JS

Project Name:Expense Tracker Application in React JS
Language/s Used:React JS
Node.js version (Recommended):v16.13.2
Type:Website, Web Application

Downloadable Source Code Below

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In summary, this 2022 Expense Tracker Application React JS with Source Code can be useful to students or professional who wants to learn React JavaScript programming language. This project can also be modified to fit your personal requirements. Hope this project will help you to improve your skills. Happy Coding!

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