Shopping Cart in Python with Source Code

The Shopping Cart in Python with Source Code is created using python programming language.

Shopping Cart consists of a Python Script (

However, this shopping cart python code is primarily based on Tkinter Graphical User Interface (GUI).

This system has a graphical user interface applied by using the Python programming language.

Shopping Cart Mini Project In Python : Project Information

Project Name:Shopping Cart Mini Project In Python
Language/s Used:Python (GUI) Based
Python version (Recommended):2.x or 3.x
Type:Python App
How To Make A Shopping Cart In Python

Students, beginners, and professionals may use this Python software to create a shopping cart program in python.

This curriculum assists in the growth of basic fundamental and logic in students.

With the aid of the best example, you can learn the fundamentals of Python programming language.

In this tutorial, I will educate you on how to establish Shopping Cart, this tutorial consists of the downloadable Source Code where in you alter it to fit your requirements.

Before you start to create a Shopping Cart, make sure you have PyCharm IDE installed in your computer.

Steps on How To Make A Shopping Cart In Python with Source Code

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s the Step on How To Make A Shopping Cart In Python with Source Code

  • Step 1: Create a Project Name.

    First, open the PyCharm IDE and click “File” and select “New Project” and then create a project name after that click the “create” button.
    Creating projects name for Shopping Cart in Python with Source Code

  • Step 2: Create a Python File.

    Next, create a project name, “right” click the project name and the click “New” after that choose “Python File“.

  • Step 3: Name the Python File.

    Last, choose Python File, name the file “shopping-cart-in-python” and then click “Enter“.

  • Step 4: The actual code

    Finally, you can start coding, you are free to copy the code that being provided below.

Code Explanations

1. Remove Item From Shopping Cart


 ar = tk.Button(self, text="Click to Remove \r Item", bg="green", fg="white", font='Calibri 18 bold', width=15,
                       height=5, command=lambda: [addpress()])
        ar.grid(row=3, column=5)


In the code given below, which is for the function to remove item button.

2. Exit Function.


 exit = tk.Button(self, text="Exit", fg="white", bg="blue", font='Calibri 18 bold',
                         command=self.master.destroy, width=15, height=5)
        exit.grid(row=4, column=5)


In the code given below, which is for the function of the exit button.

3. Name of Project


self.master.title("Evanz Shopping Store ||"
                          " \r Location: Brgy. Enclaro, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental || "
                          "\r Number: 09121234567")


In the code given below, which is for the function of the title of the system.

4. Frame Button


 asus = tk.Button(self, command=lambda:[shop("Asus-P25,000"),press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="asus.gif")
        asus.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        asus.image = image
        asus.grid(row=2, column=1)

        dell = tk.Button(self, command=lambda:[shop("Dell-P30,000"),press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="dell-touchscreen.gif")
        dell.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        dell.image = image
        dell.grid(row=2, column=2)

        headseat = tk.Button(self, command=lambda: [shop("Headseat-P500"),press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="headseat.gif")
        headseat.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        headseat.image = image
        headseat.grid(row=2, column=3)

        hp = tk.Button(self, command=lambda:[shop("HP-P45,000"),press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="hp.gif")
        hp.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        hp.image = image
        hp.grid(row=2, column=4)

        longsleeve = tk.Button(self, command=lambda: [shop("Long Sleeve-P5,000"), press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="longsleeve.gif")
        longsleeve.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        longsleeve.image = image
        longsleeve.grid(row=3, column=1)

        pants = tk.Button(self, command=lambda: [shop("Pants-P4,500"), press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="pants.gif")
        pants.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        pants.image = image
        pants.grid(row=3, column=2)

        samsung = tk.Button(self, command=lambda: [shop("Samsung-P15,000"), press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="samsung.gif")
        samsung.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        samsung.image = image
        samsung.grid(row=3, column=3)

        luxuryshoes = tk.Button(self, command=lambda: [shop("Luxury Shoes-P15,000"), press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="shoes1.gif")
        luxuryshoes.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        luxuryshoes.image = image
        luxuryshoes.grid(row=3, column=4)

        cheapshoes = tk.Button(self, command=lambda: [shop("Cheap Shoes-P1,500"), press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="shoes2.gif")
        cheapshoes.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        cheapshoes.image = image
        cheapshoes.grid(row=4, column=1)

        vivo = tk.Button(self, command=lambda: [shop("Vivo-P16,000"), press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="vivo.gif")
        vivo.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        vivo.image = image
        vivo.grid(row=4, column=2)

        rolex = tk.Button(self, command=lambda: [shop("Rolex Watch-P12,000"), press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="watch1.gif")
        rolex.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        rolex.image = image
        rolex.grid(row=4, column=3)

        applewatch = tk.Button(self, command=lambda: [shop("Apple Watch-P10,000"), press()])
        image = ImageTk.PhotoImage(file="watch2.gif")
        applewatch.config(image=image, width=200, height=200, bg="green")
        applewatch.image = image
        applewatch.grid(row=4, column=4)


In the code given below, which is for the function of the design of frame button of the system.

Downloadable Source Code

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How To Run The Shopping Cart Program?

To run this project, you must have installed a Pycharm on your PC (for Windows). This Shopping Cart Project is free to download, Use for educational purposes only!

After downloading the project you must follow the steps below:

1st Step: Unzip the file or Extract the file

2nd Step : Double click the

3rd Step: Project is ready to run


This Shopping Cart with Source Code is the way to enhance and broaden our competencies and logic ideas which is essential in training the python programming language which is maximum well known and most usable programming language in lots of company.

The Shopping Cart is a easy GUI primarily based application which is very smooth to recognize and use. It makes use of Tkinter module for the GUI.


If you have any questions or suggestions about Shopping Cart in Python with Source Code, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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