Student Information System Project in PHP with Source Code

This Student Information System Project in PHP with Free Source Code and Download article is about a student information management system is a system designed by the programming language PHP and connected with a database.

The one who can manage all the records of the Students Records, Course Records, Section Record, Enrolment Record, Schedule Records, Year Level Records, and Year Status Records.

The main purpose of the Online Student info Management System is to guide easy transactions like the release of the records of the student maintain the details of the Students and make data retrieval easy and efficient.

The Student Record has 5 table, the student id, first name, last name, email, course, level, and the status of the student.

The Course Record has 3 table, the Course id, Course, and Description of Course.

The Section Record has 4 tables the Name, Course and Section, Schedule id, and the Instructions id of the Section.

The Enrollment Record has 6 table the Enrolment id, Student, Course, Year level, Status, and Date enrolled.

The Schedule Record has 4 tables the Schedule id, Date, Start Time, and End Time of Schedule.

The Year Level Record has 2 tables the Level id and Year Level.

The Year Status Record has 2 tables the Status id and Status Name.

For some reference in designing the database for student information system just simply click here. student information system database.

Features of Student Information System Project in PHP Free Download

Here are the features of Student Information System Software:

  • Manage Students
  • Manage course
  • Manage Section
  • Manage Enrollment
  • Manage Schedule
  • Manage Year Level
  • Manage Year Status

Download the complete source code below:


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