Online forum for IT Students and Professionals




This system caters an online forum for the students and teachers to interact with each other in real time basis.


This system has a admin, professional and students access.

you can browse the users and members tables for the access accounts or you can register a new account.

Here are some of the following features:

  • Chat system
  • Profile Management
  • Topic posting for IT related topics and many more!


for more info and clarifications you can reach me through my



mobile number: +639303546547

happy coding!  🙂


Download the source code here.bcc_forum

Looking for more source code? Type your keyword here here!


  1. Hi guys.. Sory for being a complete novice. I have successfully registered an account here. But I never really used any forums or blogs. Whats the difference between topics, categories and threads. Sort of confusing. I am a newbie, so can anyone help me in regards to this.

    • every categories has topics… then every topics has threads… we will say.. threads are branch topics of that certain main topic under that category… hope this clear your mind. 🙂


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