NSCA Multipurpose Cooperative Point of Sales System

NESCAPOSPI point of sales system

NSCA Multi-Purpose Cooperative Point of Sale System  provides a retail transaction  wherein a customer makes a payment to the cashier in exchange for goods with printed reciept. This system tracks the invetory of products to control the in and out of products. As a result, this is a great help to avoid shortage and exceeding of products. This system also track the sales for daily, weekly and monthly to know if you are gaining or loosing.


NSCA Multi-Purpose Cooperative Point of Sales System made in PHP and MySQL database.


These are the following features of the system:


Admin Side:

  • Product  (Register New Product, Update Product)

  • Product Inventory (Daily, Weekly, Monthly )

  • Sales Inventory (Daily, Weekly, Monthly )

  • Login and Logout


Cashier Side:

  • Cashiering

  • Login and Logout


To access this system, use the following accounts as follows:


Username : admin, cashier

Password : admin, cashier


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Download Sourcecode

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