Learning Management System Project In PHP With Source Code 2020


Learning Management System Project In PHP With Source Code 2020

Good day everyone, I just want to share my developed system which is entitled as Learning Management System Project In PHP. This is a portal e-learning Management system Project in which all the information or the learning information are stored in the database.

What is Learning Management System Project In PHP?

Learning Management System Project In PHP is a project created using PHP programming language that can be used in a classroom based setup. Wherein, the instructor can only upload the module or topic to the system and the student can only interact with the system and follow the instructions in the module set by the instructors.

What the the materials can be uploaded to Learning management system?

The materials can be uploaded to the system could be images, topics, videos and many other instructional materials used in the classroom.

Meaning the topics that are posted or displayed on the website are added without editing the source code of the system. There is another page in the system in which authorized users can have access then they can post their topics there.

Unlike with the typical e-learning system which there is no database and only the design.

Watch the video here to see the full running learning management system project in PHP.

Let’s discuss first what is E-Learning. E-Learning is learning by utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program, or degree delivered completely on-line.

Then now, let me give an idea about a web portal.

A Web portal is most often a specially designed web site that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. Usually, each information source gets its dedicated area on the page for displaying information (a portlet); often, the user can configure which ones to display. Variants of portals include mashups and intranet “dashboards” for executives and managers.

The extent to which content is displayed in a “uniform way” may depend on the intended user and the intended purpose, as well as the diversity of the content. Very often design emphasis is on a certain “metaphor” for configuring and customizing the presentation of the content and the chosen implementation framework and/or code libraries.

In addition, the role of the user in an organization may determine which content can be added to the portal or deleted from the portal configuration.

The system has been developed with the following programming languages. PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Learning Management System Project In PHP Features

Learning Management System Project In PHP with Source code features

  • Add and Remove topic board or forum board

  • Add topics in each board

  • Update topic content in every board

  • Remove topics from every board (Administrator access)

  • User profile

  • Update user profile information and display picture

  • Upload Videos

  • Upload Photos for topic document support

  • Update users roles (Administrator, Moderator, Contributor, etc.)

  • Send private messages


I have already presented here the information you’ll need to know about

Downloadable Source Code

Download the source code here.

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