Complaint Management System In PHP With Free Source Code

Hello Guys! This Source code is all about the Complaint Management System in PHP with Source Code and it is free to download. 

This Source code can be used by programmers who want to develop the Complaint Management System Source Code In PHP.

The main focus of this system is to help the user set of procedures used in organizations to address complaints and resolve disputes.

What is a Complaint Management System?

A Complaint Management System (CMS) is a software or organizational framework designed to efficiently and effectively handle and resolve complaints, grievances, feedback, or issues raised by customers, clients, employees, or any stakeholders.

This system is commonly used by businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and various institutions to streamline the process of receiving, tracking, managing, and resolving complaints.

This system enables companies to track, manage, and respond to customer issues, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and the overall reputation of the business.

Complaint Management System Source Code In PHP Features

Admin Side:

  • Admin can create categories and also manage the category
  • Admin can create Subcategory and also manage the Subcategory
  • Admin can create a state and also manage the state
  • Complaint Management Admin can update remarks on complaints
  • Manage users
  • Admin can check user logs
  • Admin change password

Users Side:

  • User Registration
  • User forgot Password
  • After login user can lodge a complaint
  • Complaint History
  • Profile Management
  • Change Password
  • Dashboard

Log in Credentials:

Username:[email protected]


Download the Complaint Management System Source Code In PHP Here:
Database Included in the link.

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