Ultimate Guide to Laravel Performance Optimization in 2024


Laravel is one of the best open-source PHP web frameworks in the world.

This platform tries to ease the developmental process by streamlining the routine tasks in most web projects, like routing, caching, authentication, and sessions.

It strives to make the development process as effortless for the developer as possible without foregoing application functionalities.

Since its release in 2011, Laravel has had steady, fine-tuned growth in its performance and functional ability.

That’s why this PHP framework has become one of the leading choices for creating business-focused websites and applications like information management systems and eCommerce platforms.

The Laravel experience includes an excellent MVC architectural pattern, a quick developmental approach, and a set of libraries, making it very useful in designing a well-structured web development program.

Google trends from the last few years suggest Laravel has become a full-service PHP framework, be it for a simple web application or a highly-complicated API.

So what does Laravel do? A framework is a simple piece of reusable software that a developer can use to create their applications and expand their performance and functional abilities to ensure it fits the new project.

The Laravel PHP framework helps save developers’ time by providing them with ready-made adaptable solutions for their web applications and APIs.

A few of the advantages of Laravel include more stability, easy code maintenance, increased development speed, and improved security.

If you are looking for a business-focused website, you could hire Laravel developers to implement the projects with the help of highly efficient adaptable Laravel solutions.

Why is Laravel the Best Framework?

Even after so many choices, Laravel is considered to be the best PHP framework for developing business-based apps like EdTech, eCommerce, food delivery, etc.

But why? This platform packs all the latest functionalities and focuses on the end user to ensure they can get the work done quickly and efficiently.

There are several reasons why Laravel is considered the best framework. Thanks to its fantastic, expressive syntax, this PHP framework is considered object-oriented.

The Laravel developers also get more than 20 pre-installed object-oriented and modular libraries to create the best web applications.

Laravel has a blade templating engine, which allows the in-built light templates to develop reusable class-based components for the PHP applications.

The object-relational mapping used in Laravel also plays a massive role in deciding which PHP to use.

When it comes to Laravel, the developers don’t have to depend on third-party tools and software to carry out the feature and unit testing effectively because both of them are natively supported.

So they can be constantly monitored to ensure the best software quality.

Another of the most significant reasons for the popularity of the Laravel framework is its focus on password management, data encryption, route protection, user authentication, user log-in, and sign-up, and data encryption to ensure the best security.

Then there is the fact that Laravel is completely open-source, which has its own advantages, a few of which are as follows:

  • The Laravel developers get constant support from a dedicated community
  • Ambiguities are eliminated when necessary
  • Better chances for modifications, customizations, and expansion compared to other PHP frameworks.
  • Detailed tutorials from the community.
  • More room for collaboration and transparency in the development of the platform.

There are several other reasons why Laravel is one of the best, most sought-after PHP frameworks used by developers around the world. Now, Laravel 9 is on its way, with a number of new features. So whether you are designing a new web application or a complex API, get in touch with the best Laravel development company, as it will have some of the best experts for the PHP framework for your project.

What Is the Importance Of Website Speed Optimization?

When talking about the different aspects of any website, speed must be counted among the first ones, and there are several reasons for it. But let’s discuss some of the most common ones:

Slow website speed affects website rankings

A few years ago, Google made it clear that speed is one of the top areas of focus for every web product. Moreover, Google and other search engines positively encourage fast-loading web pages in the top rankings.

But at the same time, the experts suggest that developers should not compromise with the quality of the content to speed up the pages.

So to ensure your web pages rank well on top of the SERP rankings, you must optimize the pages for faster loading speeds.

Another important thing to note is that sometimes Google penalizes websites with loading speeds too low.

Faster speed means better user experience

A popular saying goes, “First impression is the last impression.” If the website loads slowly, it’ll create a negative impression regarding the website and the brand overall. The users might think of your brand as a bit unreliable. This bad experience will also result in bad word of mouth.

Slow speeds result in a lower conversion rate

When the user opens a web page, they expect it to load completely in just a handful of seconds (in around 3 seconds, according to recent research).

But if it takes much longer than that, the user will move on to the next alternative in a matter of seconds without even giving it a second thought.

Not only will the click won’t convert into a sale, but the user also won’t likely revisit the website.

The above-mentioned are just a few of the reasons that show why it is necessary for your website to be optimized with PHP development for faster loading speeds. Not only will it help improve the user experience, but it will also ensure better sales and ROI.

What Are The Best Laravel Performance Optimization Tips?

You can hire Laravel developers who use all the necessary libraries and elements to deliver the best outcome for your project.

But still, whether you hire the best Laravel development company or a world-class expert, the below-mentioned Laravel performance optimization tips may help make your project deliver better results.

Implement the artisan commands properly

Laravel PHP framework comes with several perks for the developers to optimize the performance and functionality.

One of these perks is the artisan commands, which are especially useful when there are a lot of routes and configurations.

But you must remember to clear the cache after implementing these commands.

Take advantage of the JIT compiler

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is a language that can’t be processed natively, due to which programmers need to compile the code into bytecodes with the help of a compiler.

Developers use a JIT (just-in-time) compiler with a Zend engine to compile the code quickly and effectively.

Classmap enhancement

To keep your Laravel performance well-optimized, you must ensure all the inclusive files are kept together.

Classmap improvement is one of the best performance tips to ensure your business application is ready to use at a given point in time. Furthermore, when you add any new file, it’ll be automatically added to the all-inclusive file you have created.

Asset bunching

By default, the Laravel mix includes all the important Laravel applications.

With the help of JavaScript and CSS preprocessor, the Laravel mix defines the Webpack build for your PHP apps through an effective API.

This mix is used to compile scripts, styles, and other application assets.

With asset bunching, the developers can connect several stylesheets into a single file and improve the application performance significantly.

Routes cache

One of the best Laravel performance optimization tips is route caching, especially for applications with several routes and configs. Routes cache is a simple array, and faster loading of this array can help improve the Laravel performance.

But if you don’t run the route caching command every time the route or config files are changed, Laravel may reload the old settings.

Use Deployment Tool

One of the most effective performance tips even the best Laravel development company remembers to implement is using the deployment tool.

This tool can help you scale back some precious time, which is why developers from senior to junior level all use composer and other deployment tools to optimize the performance effectively.

Compress pictures

This is one of the tips for PHP development that can help you find the perfect balance between creativity and performance.

If you want to improve your mobile application’s performance, compress the picture size.

Different types of pictures will need different tools to ensure the compression doesn’t meddle with the quality.

Precompile assets

Laravel developers tend to disseminate the code into separate files.

Although this practice may make things a little more manageable, it might not make production more efficient.

Asset Minifying

Although asset bundling is one of the best Laravel performance optimization tips, it may result in massive-sized files.

However, the application program may not do well with this compilation; you may try minifying the assets.

If you are looking for the best applications, you might want to get in touch with the best Laravel development company, as they use these optimization tips to ensure the best performance and functionality.

How to Ensure Your Laravel Website Is Secure?

Now that you know how to ensure the best performance for your applications, let’s see how you can keep them safe from all kinds of threats:

Secure host server

The best Laravel development company always remembers to use strong passwords, back-up your website data, and complete the authorization process.

Since it contains a lot of sensitive information like passwords, you shouldn’t use shared servers to run your website.

Before choosing the server, make sure you have a sit down with the supplier to check if they use SSH protocol and authentication, SSL, VPNs, FTPS, non-public networks, and supply a secure affiliation.

Update packages, modules, and plug-ins

You might think upgrading the application to its latest Laravel version will be enough to ensure security, but that might not be the case. You should also update the project packages, modules, and plug-ins.

That will provide you fantastic protection from spam bots, SQL injections, brute-force attacks, backdoor attacks, DDOS, etc.

Use the Built-In Security Measures

One of the biggest reasons why developers love using the Laravel PHP framework is the built-in security features.

This PHP development framework secures your website information with the help of its in-built authentication system. With Laravel, your users information will remain private and secure from any SQL injections.

Update to the recent version of Laravel

One of the easiest ways to ensure the security of your website is by updating the Laravel PHP development framework to its latest version. That will ensure you don’t miss out on the essential security measures for your website.

Use HTTPS rather than HTTP

HTTPS should always be preferred over HTTP because when your internet application uses the latter, the information is transmitted in plain text, which may make it vulnerable to hackers and brute-force attackers. So go for HTTPS or hypertext transfer protocol secure.

Precautions during mass assignments

Although mass assignments are common, they can be quite dangerous as cyber attackers can hack into the client side and alter sensitive yet vulnerable information very easily.

So you must take strict precautions during mass assignments. Laravel is considered the best PHP framework when it comes to security, one of the most crucial aspects of application development.

But you must follow these tips to ensure your website is safe from any spambots, SQL injections, brute-force attacks, backdoor attacks, DDOS, etc. If you want to ensure your application’s security, hire Laravel developers skilled in arranging security measures.


As mentioned before, Laravel is the best open-source PHP framework currently in use.

Since it was first released in 2011, the platform has seen several new updates to ensure the best features and security of the applications.

But if you want to ensure your application works perfectly, it is crucial you follow the Laravel performance optimization tips mentioned above.

These tips will ensure your applications perform well without compromising on the features.

But along with the performance, it would be unwise not to focus on the security for you and your dedicated users.

So if you want to develop a new internet application, get in touch with the best Laravel development company and ensure they follow the best security and performance protocols for your project.

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