Sports Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code

Sports Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code

This project is completely functional and uses the Laravel Sports Management System.

The Laravel project below contains all of the features that second-year IT students will require for their college projects.

It comes with a lot of tools to help customers take and manage sports management.

Like the online application, this system has a well-defined concept that has been well-implemented and can be used to real-world scenarios.

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About Sports Management System using Laravel

The Laravel sports management system is written in the Laravel programming language and runs on a MySQL database.

There are three modules in this project. The first is the administrator, the second is the client, and the third is the user.

If we talk about administration, the job of an administrator is to oversee all aspects of the game, including the schedule, tournament, booking requests, news, and team. and the customer can log in and register, browse game specifics, and make a reservation for a game.

Now we’ll go on to the third, which is a user who can see tournaments, schedule tournaments, and register for tournaments.

The admin is the most important component of this sports club management system since he organizes all of the events and schedules the sports club’s time, as well as deciding who will be on the playing team and who will be on the additional team.

He supervises all employees who operate in the sports club management system.

Features Available Sports Management System Laravel

  • Manage Admin User.
  • Mange Games.
  • Team Management.
  • Manage Player.
  • Manage Schedule.
  • Manage Tournament.

Sports Management System Steps On How To Run The Project

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s the step’s on how to run a Sports Management System Project in Laravel

  • Step 1: Installed the composer and the Laravel dependencies

    First, You need to install first the Composer and the Laravel libraries.
    Download Composer in Sports Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code

  • Step 2: Open Command Prompt

    Next, go to the project folder directory then type CMD to open the command prompt.

  • Step 3: Composer Update

    Then, After you finish to installed the composer and the Laravel. now type composer update” in your command prompt to install the composer dependencies.
    composer update in Sports Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code

  • Step 4: php artisan key:generate

    After that, then type “php artisan key:generate ” in your command prompt. A command that sets the APP_KEY value in your . env file. By default, Run the following command to have the database tables migrated for you so that you can begin using the system.
    generate in Sports Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code

  • Step 5: Create Database

    After that, To install and run the application correctly. Simply go to phpmyadmin and make a new database. After that, “Be” and rename it to “.env“, then go to connection and modify the default database connection name, only database connection, database username, and password.
    create database in Sports Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code

  • Step 6: php artisan migrate

    Lastly, you’ve set up the environment, you’ll need to establish a database configuration for it. Use the following command to create database tables: “php artisan migrate“.

    migrate in Sports Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code

  • Step 7: php artisan db:seed

    Then, type “php artisan db:seed“, The db:seed command runs the DatabaseSeeder class by default, although it can be overridden to call alternative seed classes. You can, however, use the —class option to execute a single seeder class separately: php artisan db:seed –class=UserTableSeeder.

  • Step 8: php artisan serve

    Lastly, type “php artisan serve” in your command prompt. The purpose of using PHP artisan serve (PHP built in server) is just for testing and easy starting your project it should not be used in real website deployment.

  • Step 9: Copy “”

    Finally, In your browser, type the following code to access your project dashboard.
    copy url in Sports Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code

Download Source Code below


The creation of this project has been a real challenge that has allowed me to integrate a lot of the knowledge I’ve gained over the course of my four years of study by putting it all together in a project.

One of the most difficult aspects of this project has been that it has been developed from the start, forcing me to adjust all of the responsibilities that are involved from the identification of the problem to the delivery of the solution.

This would not have been feasible without my personal ambition to develop this project and the desire to provide the finest possible answer.

Delivering the greatest possible answer is never easy, especially when your expertise is limited and you are always learning new things. This prompts you to wonder if the way you’re doing it is the best way to do it, and you search for alternative tutorials and examples until you find one that works for you.

You may never reach this conclusion and must keep moving forward to avoid becoming stuck for an extended period of time, but you will ultimately find a better way to do it.

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