Vue vs React: Which Framework To Choose And When

Both Vue and React are powerful front-end development tools used for designing seamless and responsive applications. Both the platforms come with their unique benefits and limitations, and developers leverage the power of both to create top-of-the-line interfaces. Nevertheless, React JS is more renowned among seasoned developers due to its flexibility and has been around longer than many other javascript frameworks.

Both the tools are crucial for developing interacting and state-of-the-art applications. Using the unique strength of each tool, developers are better places to connect and cater to the needs of their users and design an interface that can boost user engagement.

Vue vs React in 2021: Which Framework To Choose And When
Vue vs React in 2022: Which Framework To Choose And When

The Variance Between Vue and React


React: React was designed to deal with certain aspects of social media giants like Facebook. Its date is the most sought-after tool for redesigning existing and developing new features within the platform. It shows the constancy and suppleness of the tool and will continue to remain a leading javascript toolkit in the future.

Vue: Evan You is the creator of Vue, whose focus was to boost the performance of Javascript Tools. The founder combined some of the best features of React, Angular and Ember and featured them in Vue. Vue can now boost applications and websites’ efficiency and response rate faster than other toolkits available in the Javascript library.



While deciding between Vue and React, performance is not a significant factor of differentiation as both the books have the same mechanism of operations, i.e., DOM interaction. React needs 100 Kb while Vue needs around 80 kb, making the ladder more seamless and faster than the former. So, in a nutshell, there is no significant variance between the two when it comes to performance as both run on the same functionalities and objectives.


The syntax is a significant differentiator as both the tools run on different code and syntaxes. By default, programming for Vue is written in HTML, but there is an option to work in JSX. However, react applications or website designing or modification can only be done in JSX. Vue’s adaptability in different platforms makes it convenient even for beginners to get started. Front-end developers take much less time learning and implementing application design strategies in Vue than in React.

Using Javascript extension, React can syndicate CSS and HTML into JavaScript.

Availability of Skilled Talent

Even though Vue is easier to absorb and adopt, React designers are still more in supply in the market. So, if a business needs help with developing a complex app, they can quickly search and find a skilled React designer who can jump right in and take on the responsibilities. The latest reporting from Java ranks React as the most in-demand application and website designing tool among developers.

HackeRank’s 2020 developer’s skill reports also positions React as the most sought after Javascript tool, with the skills for Vue being on a constant rise.

A survey conducted among 1500 developers revealed 90% of businesses planning to use Vue in their next project, and Vue was used by only 11% of companies in 2019.

Developer’s Take on React and Vue

The developer’s perception of both the tools would give better insight into their usefulness. The most liked features of Vue by developers are:

  • Sophisticated styles of programming and patterns
  • Good documentation
  • Hassle-free learning curve.

Vue is the second most preferred programming tool after React, with 35.9% choosing the ladder. In the Stack Overflow Survey 2020, Vue was ranked 7th most preferred Javascript Tool. Both Vue and React have been positioned as the most loveable and programming tool, with Vue coming second in the list with a preference difference of 3%.

Best ways to Utilize React and Vue


React was designed to cater to large web applications and projects, and it might be unproductive to use it for small operations. Just web application set up requires using plenty of Boilerplate code but can be very beneficial for the long run.

Further, JSX gives complete control over the flow and advanced IDE features such as listing and autocompletion. React does not come with statement management or routing packages. For developing the app from scratch, using external plugins are a must in React.

Developers with advanced skills would know which javascript library to choose from and how it would meet the demand of a specific web application.


Vue is an expanding framework that can be synced with ongoing projects. For instance, it can be added as a lightweight library to boost interactivity in web applications. A survey conducted in 2019 revealed ease of usage and integration as its most valuable asset by 76% of developers.

Vue is an excellent choice for the fast delivery of startups and MVP. This feature makes Vue the most sought after tool for developing small to medium applications. However, most developers don’t consider Vue valuable for building large applications.

Making the Right Decision

Both the tools are great for building interactive and engaging applications and websites. However, you surely need to hire top Vue js developers to accomplish respective tasks easily. To choose the most suitable option, businesses need to assess several factors, including its need, supply of skills, environment and timeframe within which the app must be developed. Vue is pleasant, hassle-free, and a delight to use for developers who are commencing their journey.

Vue can be easily integrated with the existing projects much faster and smoother due to its component use and template familiarity. As far as performance is concerned, Both Vue and React deliver similar results to the users. However, the final delivery depends on the size of the application and efforts made in optimization. The style of documentation is unmatched and makes an in-depth explanation of every little detail.

Vue CI and Vue CLI 3, setting up or integrating an existing project is lightning fast with Vue. On the other hand, React is excellent for composite applications with high-demand workers React designers worldwide. Before making the right decision, the availability of skilled talent and the complexity of web designing and application must be thoroughly assessed. 

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