Pizza Ordering System C# with Source Code

The Pizza Ordering System project C# with Source Code is developed using C# language, this ordering system the user can order from the main menu.

A pizza ordering system using c# main menu includes a variety of pizza sizes, toppings, crust, drinks, and more. If the customer has put his or her order(s), he or she will review his order list for clarification before proceeding to payment.

A user must fill out all necessary fields in the payment section, including the customer’s first, last, and address, as well as the Postal Code, Province, Contact Information, and Email. Payment details, such as Payment Method, Card Number, and Amount Charged, must also be provided by the user.

It is critical that you fill out all of the appropriate fields. The customer can choose whether to pay with cash, debit, or credit card in the payment process of this Pizza Ordering System in C#.

A Pizza Ordering System in free download with source code. This is a user-friendly interface, and anyone who uses it will have no trouble using any of the features.

These are the following features of the system

  • Menu
  • Confirm Order
  • Make Payment

Pizza Ordering System in C# with Source Code steps on how to run the project

To run this project make sure that you have Visual Studio IDE installed in your PC(for Windows) to run this project.

Time needed: 5 minutes

These are the steps on how to run Pizza Ordering System in C# with Source Code

  • Step 1: Download

    First, download the source code given below.

  • Step 2: Extract file

    Second, after you finished download the source code, extract the zip file.

  • Step 3: Open Visual Studio

    Third, open “Visual Studio IDE”.

  • Step 4: Open project.

    Fourth, open project folder PizzaOrderingSystem then click the “WindowsFormsApplication3.sln“.


  • Step 5: Open Project

    Fifth, Start the project.

The Code Given Below is for Pay Button

private void button7_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

            if (textBox11.Text == "" || textBox12.Text == "" || textBox13.Text == "" || textBox15.Text == "" || textBox20.Text == "" || comboBox2.Text == "")
                MessageBox.Show("Please fill in required fields");
                string money = textBox19.Text;
                char[] dollars = { '$' };
                string paymoney = money.TrimStart(dollars);
                double paymentDue = Convert.ToDouble(paymoney);
                double amountPaid = Convert.ToDouble(textBox20.Text);
                double change = 0;
                change = amountPaid - paymentDue;
                textBox21.Text = change.ToString("c2");

                if (change < 0)
                    MessageBox.Show("Please pay your balance");


                    button8.Enabled = true;

Project Name : Pizza Ordering System
Project Platform :C#
Programming Language Used:C# Programming Language
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Visual Studio 2019
Project Type :Desktop Application
Upload Date and Time:March 9, 2021- 9:01 am

Downloadable Source Code


This Pizza System using C# is only a project made for school requirement purposes only. You can download this source code and modify it to suit your client requirements, since this is a student project it means you cannot really expect 100% functionality from this.


If you have any questions or suggestions about Pizza Ordering System In C# With Source Code, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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