Validate a TextBox Using an Error Provider in C#

Validate a TextBox Using an Error Provider in C#


Validating a textbox Using an Error Provider in C#
is very important and there are many ways on how to do it. But, in this tutorial, I’m going to teach you the simplest way on how to validate a textbox by using an error provider. Error provider displays a user-friendly message to notify the user whenever validation fails. Then, that’s the time for the user to correct the error and validate the message in the textbox.

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Let’s begin:


Open Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new windows form application. Then, drag two text boxes, labels, button and an error provider.


After setting up the form, double-click the “check” button and do the following codes for validating the textboxes.



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You can try the Visual Basic.Net version of Validation textbox error using the ErrorProvider Tool.

Download Sourcecode

Project Name : Validate a TextBox Using an Error Provider
Project Platform :C#
Programming Language Used:C# Programming Language
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Visual Studio 2019
Project Type :Desktop Application
Upload Date and Time:July 27, 2016 – 6:27 am

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