Superscript in Excel Easy Method and Shortcut

In this tutorial, we will explain and show what is superscript in Excel. As well as methods and shortcuts to add superscript easily and quickly.

If you are finding how possible to add superscript in Excel this guide is for you. Given that Microsoft Excel is known about numbers it can’t do all the tricks of MS Word. But it has its own way to unlock these tricks.

Prior to that, let’s define superscript in Excel…

What is Superscript in Excel?

The Superscript of Excel is part of the formatting style where smaller number or letter is placed above the preceding text. Usually, it is used to represent units like n², n³, or exponents in numerical equations like 22 or 2⁴.

So now, you will know how to add superscript in Excel separately in both numbers and text.

How to superscript in excel

It is the quickest way to convert normal text into a superscript. 

  1. Select text to format as superscript.

    Highlight the text you want to be converted to superscript dragging your mouse over it.

    Text to superscript

  2. Open Format Cells menu.

    To do this simply, press Ctrl+1 or right-click the cell and select Format cells options. This will open the Format cells dialog box.

    Format Cells

  3. Select Superscript checkbox.

    In the Format cells dialog box, under the Font tab, inside the Effects group check the checkbox next to the Superscript option. 

    Superscript in excel

  4. Click OK.

    Now you have superscript text. Please remember that it only changes the appearance of the text. 

    Superscript result

How to add superscript in Excel Using Ribbon

And now we are going to add add subscript or superscript button in Home tab ribbon quick access toolbar, making sure it is not cluttered with other buttons. Hence it will be easily accessed using excel ribbon.

Since the buttons can only be added by custom groups, you have to create one. Here’s how:

Anywhere in your ribbon, right-click and select customize the ribbon.

Customize Ribbon button 

When the pop-up menu displays. Excel will open Options dialog box.

Ribbon option dialog box

On the right section of the Excel Options Dialog box, under Customize the Ribbon. Then select your desired tab like Home Tab, click the New Group button.

Custom ribbon new group

Right-click your customize new group or click Rename Button to change the name of the newly added group. For instance, Scripts group. See the result below:

Rename custom ribbon
Rename custom ribbon

In the left-hand drop-down list, under Choose commands from, select Commands Not in the Ribbon, then choose Superscript in the list of commands and click Add.

Under Choose commands from from the left section part of dialog box dropdown list, select Commands not in the ribbon. Then find the Superscript command and then click Add. This will automatically add to the newly created group scripts.

Superscript command
Superscript command

In the same way, select the Subscript command on the list, then click add button again.

Subscript in excel

After you add your selected command just click OK to close the dialog box and save changes.

As a result, you can now access Superscript as well as Subscripts in Home tab ribbon.

subScript and superscript group
subScript and superscript group

Shortcut for superscript in excel

The keyboard shortcuts for superscript and subscript to access quickly are given to you below:

  1. Select the text if you want to format text as superscript.
  2. Press Ctrl+1.
  3. Press Alt+E.
  4. Press Enter. 

As a result, you have now converted text to superscript. Please remember that it only changes the appearance of the text.

Superscript and subscript in excel With Equation

Now we are going to insert subscript and superscript in Excel utilizing equation in your worksheet. Here are the following ways to do it:

  1. On the Insert tab under symbol group choose Equation button. Equation on Symbol group
  2. After you click the Equation button, this will take you to the design tab, selects the superscript option under structure group. Then select the desired style you want, for example superscript. Example Equation of superscript
  3. Click the squares and enter your desired value, and guess what you are done!
Superscript using Excel Equation

Additionally, there is another way you can use to apply superscript. This is the Ink Equation button, it allows you to input your equation using the mouse.

Ink Equation
Ink Equation

Just make sure that excel will be able to read your handwritten. Whenever you click the insert button it inserts on your worksheet.

Superscript using Ink Equation
Ink Equation Superscript

Note: The method we use above will insert as cell value rather an Excel object. The good thing is you can move, resize and rotate the inserted equations using handles.

To learn more about subscript you can read this article Subscript in Excel Quick Method To Add With Shortcut.

Add Superscript in Excel Using Shortcuts for Numbers

Except from the alternative way above, Microsoft Excel provides another easy way to add superscripted numbers in cells however it is limited to 1, 2, or 3 only. To do this simply enter the following key and numbers below:


Using these shortcuts it can be easy to add superscripts in blank cells of your worksheets and put them together with existing numbers:

Superscript using shortcut number

Reminders: The superscripted numbers in this matter is now a numeric strings. It means that you are not able to perform calculations using this value. Thus it only works for Calibri and Arial text font styles, if you are using other fonts, the character code may vary.


In conclusion, this topic about superscript in Excel is a great help and creative in working with Excel spreadsheets. Another thing, superscripts and subscripts can be done through format applications, inserting special characters or even with math equations.

However, what is the best guide still depends on what requires you.

Have you ever used the given method above? Let us know by leaving your insights below.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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