How To Insert Column In Excel Using Top Shortcuts

In this tutorial, we will learn how to insert column in Excel in different and quick ways. Along with are how to insert using shortcuts, insert multiple columns adjacent and non-adjacent.

Adding or inserting columns in Excel is a very common task in Excel.

And just like what we did in inserting a row in Excel it consists of various ways as well. Particularly you can add one or multiple columns whether it is adjacent or not.

Therefore, we are going to execute each different way and scenario in inserting a column.

How to Insert Column in Excel

Here, we’ve gathered many approaches for adding columns to Excel. So, we’ll explain how to accomplish it as we go along.

  • Insert one new column using keyboard shortcut
  • Add new multiple rows
  • Add new non adjacent multiple rows
  • Insert new columns after every other column
  • Insert new column in Excel Table

Shortcut for Inserting Column in Excel

This time we try to add a column using shortcut method. These steps are the quickest and simplest way you can utilize.

1. First thing to do is to click the letter button or column next to the right where you want to insert your new column.

Select Column to Insert New
Select Column to Insert New

Note. You can also select an entire column by selecting any cell and pressing CTRL+SPACEBAR.

2. Then, press shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS SIGN (+) on your keyboard.

That’s it you have now a new column inserted in your worksheet. As you noticed new column is inserted on the left next to selected column above.

New column inserted
New column inserted

On the other hand, if you are not into shortcuts. Alternatively, you can use the INSERT option. All you have to do is to right-click on your selected column, then command list will appear.

Insert option
Insert option

It really takes just two simple steps to insert a new Column in Excel. Moving on, we will see how to add up multiple empty columns to your worksheet.

How to Insert Multiple Columns in Excel

Did you know, you can add more than one new column to the worksheet? But you don’t have to select the columns one by one and press the insert column shortcut every time…

Apparently, yes it’s possible to paste several empty columns in one try.

1. Select and highlights columns as many as you want to insert in your worksheet. Remember new column will appear next to the left column.

Highlighted multiple columns

2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS SIGN (+) on your keyboard, then you see new columns inserted.

New Multiple column

To repeat the last task you did, simply press F4 or CTRL + Y.

That’s how easy and quick to add multiple columns in your worksheet or table in excel.

Hence, if you want to insert multiple non-adjacent columns, see the next instructions below…

Add up multiple non-adjacent columns

After we insert multiple adjacent column above, Excel also let us select multiple non-adjacent and utilize the insert column shortcut, which appears to the left.

1. Select and highlight your desired non-adjacent column by clicking the columns(contains Letters) and keep holding CTRL key on your keyboard.

Non-Adjacent Column in Excel

2. Next, press CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS SIGN (+) to witness insertion of column.

As you can see the inserted columns are on the left.

New non-adjacent column inserted

Why can’t i Insert a Column in Excel

If in case you can’t insert a column because of the sheet protection. Simply turn off the protection from the sheet.

On the sheet name on the status bar right-click and click on the Unprotect Sheet. Now, you can able to insert your new column in your worksheet.


As a recap, this topic How To Insert Column In Excel guide you on what quickest way you can use to accomplish such inserting columns either on your worksheet or table.

You might also want to learn modifying rows and columns, consider reading and exploring our website.

I hope this shortcut helps you in any way possible. Thank you for reading and excel in Excel!

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