[SOLVED] Error: Failed To Push Some Refs To

This Error: Failed To Push Some Refs To happens when you try to push your local changes to the remote repo without updating your local repo with new changes made to the remote repo.

So, Git is trying to tell you to update the local repo with the changes in the remote before you push your own changes. This is needed so that you don’t erase the changes that other people have made.

What is Error: Failed To Push Some Refs To?

Failed to push some refs to is a common Git error that developers often run into. It happens when a developer tries to push code that has already been committed to an outside git repository.

The ability to push code suddenly stopped working, even though it did the day before or the day before that. It can make a lot of people angry and frustrated.

Failed To Push Some Refs To Error
Failed To Push Some Refs To Error

Did not push Some refs to errors happen when changes aren’t saved before pushing, when there are problems with the Git pre-push hook, when the branch name is wrong, or when the local repository isn’t in sync with the Git repository.

It usually happens when multiple people are working on the same branch at the same time, and the remote repository is further along than what you have on your local machine.

When working in teams, it’s easy for git pushes to happen at the same time or for ref heads to be in different places. Because of this overlap, the repository can get out of sync, which is why the “failed to push some refs to” error comes up so often.

What is The Cause of Error Failed To Push Some Refs To?

When more than one developer works on the same branch, it can cause a problem with the way Git handles sequencing. Because the remote branch has code that you don’t have locally.

A commit is rejected and a failed to push some refs to error is shown. This means that the remote origin is not compatible with your local git repository.

Here’s a general idea of what incompatibility in Git looks like:

A -- B -- C -- D (on the remote)
A -- B -- E (on your local machine)

From what you’ve read, it looks like your local machine lacks commits C and D. While that is happening, you are trying to fit your commit, E, between B and C on the remote.

Before Git will let you move on, you will have to add the changes from the remote repository to the local repository. This step will fix any problems with how your version works with the remote and make sure your version is up to date.

How To Fix Error: Failed To Push Some Refs To Error in Git

We can fix the error: failed to push some refs to [remote repo] in Git using the git pull origin [branch] or git pull —rebase origin [branch] commands. In most cases, the latter fixes the error.

To send a pull request means to “fetch” new changes made to the remote repo and add them to the local repo.

Once the merging is done, you can push your own code changes to GitHub.

In our case, we’re sending a pull request to get rid of the error: failed to push some refs to [remote repo].

Here’s how that can be done:

git pull origin main

If you are working with a different branch, you would need to change the word “main” in the above example to the name of your branch.

To get rid of the error, just remember that there is a chance that this command will fail when you use it to sync your remote and local repositories. If the request works, you can push your own changes by running the command below:

git push -u origin main

If the error keeps happening, you’ll get an error that says: fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories. Then, use the answer in the next section.

How to Fix error: failed to push some refs to Error in Git Using git pull --rebase

The git pull --rebase command is helpful when your local branch is one commit behind the remote branch.

To fix the error, go on and run the following commands:

git pull --rebase origin main

git push -u origin main 

If the first command above runs successfully, you should get a message that says: Successfully rebased and updated refs/heads/main.

The second command pushes the local repo’s current state to the remote branch.


In this article we have discussed the cause of Error: Failed To Push Some Refs To, also we have discussed how to solve this error with given example command, I hope this simple tutorial will help you.

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