Is Software Development Oversaturated

IS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT OVERSATURATED – In this article, the strong demand for web developers is apparent, capturing six of the top 10 tech jobs in 2022. The flourishing job market boasts over 143,000 full-time software engineering positions in the US.

is software development oversaturated

Job Openings in Software Development are Also on the Rise

The popularity of web developers is evident, with six of the top 10 tech jobs in 2022 belonging to them. Full-stack engineers are sought after, and learning languages like Apex, Swift, Kotlin, and MySQL. The software development field offers endless possibilities due to sustained demand.

How Many Current Job Opportunities Exist in Coding?

With over 143,000 full-time software engineering jobs available in the US, along with remote and entry-level opportunities, the coding job market is thriving.

The demand for skilled developers persists due to the growing digitalization of companies and technological evolution.

Learning coding opens doors to a dynamic field where the question isn’t whether there’s a job, but rather what skills can lead to the desired role.

Guidelines for Becoming a Software Engineer

Computer Science Degree

While not mandatory for web development, a 4-year computer science degree offers a solid foundation. These programs emphasize theory over practical coding, so self-practice is crucial for job readiness.

Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps provide a quick route to becoming a qualified software engineer, ranging from 6 to 28 weeks. They offer flexibility for those working while learning, and are cost-effective with an average price of $14,000.

Success rates average at 79%, offering a swift career entry.


Self-taught developers prove their skills through projects and interviews. This path demands self-discipline, suited for those comfortable with independent learning.

Free resources like Codecademy, Khan Academy, and MIT Open Courseware are available for learning coding basics.


In summary, web development is in high demand, providing diverse roles and language options. With 143,000+ US job openings, the field thrives due to tech evolution.

Coding offers dynamic career opportunities through various paths like degrees, bootcamps, or self-teaching.

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