Send SMS Messages using Modem in VB.Net


    This Send SMS Messages using Modem in VB.Net project is a 100% free source code. I believe that this is the best answer to your problem. It will be a big help for those who are planning to develop a system that has a Sending of SMS messages features. The system is created using Visual Basic 2008.  The Sending of SMS messages is through GSM Modem that is connected to your computer. In this project, I am using AT commands which are used for communication between the computer and the modem.

    This is output when running the System.

    Sample Screenshot of Message received in Mobile Phone.

    Download the Source code here.==>SMSProject

    Requirements to successfully run this project.

    • GSM Modem (SmartBro or Globe Broadband)
    • Sim Card with a load

    Note: Make sure to set properly the COM ports. In my case, I am using COM11.


    In the near future, I will be creating a step by step tutorial on How to Send SMS messages using a GSM Modem.


    If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact me on our contact page.

    The source code you may like:

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