KCC Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System


The purpose of this Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System is to view the status of the item in a particular area or laboratory.

It also includes the managing of academic year based on what academic year will be performed,

managing of department and area or laboratory based on where the inventory will take place.



·         Adding academic year to determine what academic year the item has been encoded.

·         Adding of user accounts for security purposes.

·         Adding or updating of item’s details for inventory.

·         Adding of areas where the assigning of the item’s location will take place.


·         View history of activity that user has been performed.

Process of the Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System

1.      First, the user will login to display the corresponding controls based on the user type.

2.   Then if user type that currently logged in is staff it can set the academic year to be able to determine what academic year the item will be recorded. Otherwise, if the user type is student it can only add items and view the history of its activities performed.

3.  Next, it will proceed to the adding of items or the item entry.

4.Then the item that is entered by the user will be assigned to a specific area.

5.Optionally, the user can view the history of activities that was performed

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Download the source code here.

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