Pool of Bethesda Online Reservation System


    bethesda Reservation PI2The pool of Bethesda Online reservation System is a very convenient and easy to use the system. It’s a fancy way that you can now do bookings online. This system has a smooth process of booking of rooms that only takes a minute. It also has a responsive design that puts business owners’ one step ahead of their competitors. Like this system, customers can do bookings anytime and anywhere, location and time are not an issue. They can browse the content of the site where they can find the amazing type of rooms and great amenities that Bethesda’s offers.


    These are the following features of the system:



    • Manage Rooms

    • Type of  Rooms

    • Manage Reservation

    • Manage User

    • Reports

    • Login and Logout

    You can access the admin side using this account.
    Username:[email protected]
    Password: admin


    • Home

    • Room and Rates

    • Contact

    • Guest Reserve Rooms

    • Login and Logout



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    Email – [email protected]
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    Online Reservation System Source code below:

    Download Sourcecode

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