Fix & Mix Payroll System


    Payroll System is needed if you have a business that involves one or more employees. This system plays a vital role not just in businesses but in a company as well.

    payroll system

    Fix & Mix Payroll System

    This automated payroll process has everything to do with the payment of employees and the legal filling of taxes. This is more efficient than relying on manual process.

    Payroll system payslip

    Fix & Mix Payroll System is made up of Visual Basic 2008 and MySQL for the database and it only runs on Windows Operating System.

    This system contains the following features:

    • Payroll (adding, Listing)

    • Employee (adding, Listing)

    • User (adding, Listing)

    • Report (Weekly, Monthly, Payslip)

    • Login and Logout

    Username =admin

    Password = admin


    For all students who need a programmer for your thesis system or anyone who needs a sourcecode in any programming languages. You can contact me @:

    Complete Sourcecode available here.

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