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    It’s an advanced School Management System Project written in C#.Net 4.0 as front end and SQL Server 2008as Back end.
    This School management system software is used to manage information regarding students,office staff, Librarian,Account officer, administrators and other school personnel use this platform to communicate and perform tasks.School management system software assists the school in keeping all information related to the different departments of school in one place. The software system provides users with a log in credentials for accessing the files. The system is designed to automatically organize information as its input into the system.
    this software is Designed keeping in view the basic requirement of particular school.This software Provides a secure database structure with Login authenticated system that organizes stores and retrieves real time information.This software cover several modules Like
    class management,Account management,Event Management,Transportation Management,Library Management,Hostel Management.This School Management System has a large database system with Database Backup and Recovery that Can be Used for Schools Daily Work.


    Requirement : Visual Studio 2010 (Sql Server 2008) and SAP’s Crystal Report for Visual Studio 2010

    Its have multiple views for three different-different users :
    Manual Users Control : All the users will be control by admin …admin can give all rights to other users manually.

    1.Admin can perform all transactions.
    2.Librarian (Book Issue and Book Return)
    3.Accounts officer can perform transactions.

    Main Features are:
    1:Master Entries :
    Class Entry
    Section Entry
    Student Entry
    Book Entry
    Book Suppliers Entry
    Fee Entry
    Transportation Entry
    Department Entry
    Hostel Entry
    Fee Category
    Hostellers Entry
    Bus Holders Entry
    Events Entry
    Scholarships Entry
    Employee Entry
    Subject Entry
    Marks Entry
    Exams Entry

    2:Accounts Module
    Salary Payment
    Class Fees Payment
    Bus Fee Payment
    Scholarship Payment
    Hostel Fees Payment

    3 :Transportation Module
    Bus Holders
    Bus Fee Payment

    4 :Hostel Module
    Hostel Fee Payment
    5: Library Module
    Book Entry
    Book Issue
    Book Return(Automatically fine will be added after due date)
    6: Examination Module
    Subject Entry
    Exams Entry
    Marks Entry
    Scorecard Reports
    Scorecard Records
    7:Events Management 
    8: Reports (Using Crystal Report)
    Bus Holders Report
    Hostellers Report
    Class Fees Payment Report
    Scholarship Payment Report
    Hostel Fees Payment Report
    Bus Fees Payment Report
    Salary Report
    Student Marks Report

    9:Advance Record Searching :
    Student Records
    Employee Records
    Transportation Records
    Hostellers Records
    Books Records
    Books Issue Records
    Book Return Records
    Class Fee Payment Records
    Salary Payment Records
    Scholarship Payment Records
    Hostel Fee Payment Records
    Marks Records
    Event Records etc.

    10:Other Features :
    SMS Feature
    Email Feature
    Advance User Rights Management System
    Logs maintain facility (Admin Can View the all changes or transaction of system )
    Database Backup option(Admin can create database backup)
    Database Recovery option(Admin can Recover database)
    Change Password
    Password Recovery
    Advance Records Searching
    Advance Reports
    Login Information:
    For Admin:
    User Type – Admin
    User Name – admin
    Password – 12345

    For Librarian:
    User Type – Librarian
    User Name – Librarian
    Password – 12345

    For Account Officer:
    User Type – Account Officer
    User Name – Account Officer
    Password – 12345

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