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    It’s an advanced Investment Management System Project written in C#.Net 4.5.1 as front end and SQL Server 2012 as Back end.

    Requirement : Visual Studio 2013 (Sql Server 2012) and SAP’s Crystal Report for Visual Studio 2013

    Its have multiple views for three different-different users :

    Main Features are:
    Company Entry
    Profit master
    Client Profile
    Employee Profile
    Complaint Box
    Investment management
    Fund Management
    Sales Management

    Reports (Using Crystal Report):
    Client Report
    Employee Report
    Profit Dashboard(Pie Charts)
    Sales Report
    Investment Report
    Financial Profile
    Investment Objectives
    Client Declarations Certificate

    Advance Record Searching :
    Clients Records
    Employee Records
    Sales Records
    Investment Records
    Contact Records
    Fund Records
    Complaints Records
    Email Feature
    Logs maintain facility (Admin Can View the all changes or transaction of system )
    Database Backup option(Admin can create database backup)
    Database Recovery option(Admin can Recover database)
    Change Password
    Password Recovery
    Advance Records Searching
    Advance Reports

    Login Information:
    For Admin:
    User ID – U-1
    Password – 12345


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