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Category: Student Informtion System

09-Removing Academic Year

Today, I’m going to teach you how to removed the “Academic Year” in Ms Access Database using Visual Basic 2008.   Let’ begin:   Open the file which is “StudentInformation” and add a Button and place it under the DataGridView inside the “Academic Year” GroupBox in the Form. Name the Button “btnsydelete” and it will […]

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08-Retrieve and Update Academic Year

This time, I’m going to retrieve and update all the Academic Year in Ms Access Database and there are some changes to the design of the Form.     Let’s begin:     Open the project which is “StudentInformation“. After that, add two Buttons and DataGridView inside the GroupBox in the Form. It will look […]

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07-Add Academic Year

Last time we have finished the “Year Level” module of the student. Now, we will add another module which is “Academic Year” in the settings. This module allows you to manage the “Academic Year” of the students that contain adding, updating,retrieving and removing. We are now going to focus on how to add the “Academic […]

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06-Removing Year Level

Today, I’m going to remove whatever wrong records that have been saved in Ms Access Database. Deleting records in a system is not advisable but when you’re developing a system you will have to undergo many testing to make the system more accurate.     Let’s begin:     Open the project that I have […]

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05-Retrieve and Update Year Level

This time, i’m going to retrieve the records that have been saved in Ms Access Database. I have made some changes here regarding with the design of the Form.   Let’s begin:     Open the project that I have created last time which is “StudentInformation” and do the Form just like this. After setting […]

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04-Add Year Level

In this tutorial I will teach you how to add and manage setting in the Student Information System. The settings are made up of two modules which is managing “year level” and “academic year”. This is very important because you can manage and also prevent the redundancy of records in every academic year and year […]

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02-Constructing Database

This time, I will create a database in the Microsoft Access. This MS Access is a Database Management System  from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. It’s easy to use this tool  to quickly create browser-based database applications.   Open MS Access 2007, select a blank database and name it “Studdb”. After […]

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Today, I’m going to create a Student Information System. This is a step by step tutorial in which you can follow the procedure easily. This system is very helpful and hassle free because this allows the user to automatically search every Student’s Information.   In this project, I’m going to use Visual Basic 2008 and […]

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