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    A WHERE Clause is added to MySQL query, the MySQL engine compares each record in the table with the condition specified in the WHERE Clause.The MySQL engine display only those records that satisfy the specified condition.


    MySQL table(tblemployee)

    1Clive Dela Cruz10806121Software Developer2018-02-01
    1Andrew Braza10806860Software Testing2015-10-15
    1Clide Marcellana10806865HR2016-12-22
    1Rey Tejada13406121Accountant2019-03-01



    Clive Dela Cruz

    Operators in the where clause :

    <Less than
    <=Less than or equal
    >More than
    >=More than or equal
    Between minWithin the range
    AND maxmin to max
    IS NULLIs a NULL Value
    IS NOT NULLIs not a null value

    Comparison operators are used in a query with a WHERE clause to test if a specified condition is met. When the evaluation is TRUE the query will return the data, otherwise nothing will be returned.

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