Class Diagram for Online Examination System

ONLINE EXAMINATION SYSTEM CLASS DIAGRAM – is a designed structure that shows the systems’ classes and their relationships.  This UML class diagram is made to guide programmers along with the online examination system’s development. 

It contains the systems’ class attributes and methods, as well as the relationships between classes. These mentioned contents makes sure that your Online Examination system development is inline with what should be its functions. 

Important Considerations before Designing your UML Class Diagram for Online Examination

You must be informed that an online examination system is a computer-based test system for conducting online computer-based tests. 

This test method requires fewer resources and eliminates the need for question papers and answer scripts, as well as exam room scheduling, invigilator coordination, and more.

Here are the advantages once the system is developed:

  • Environmentally responsible.
  • It helps you save money.
  • It saves a lot of time.
  • Technically advanced.
  • Less cheating since the system is more secure.
  • It’s practical.

The goal of the online examination method is to assess students’ subject understanding. In comparison to the traditional pen-and-paper examination, such a technique avoids logistical issues and disadvantages.

So if you worry about the UML Class Diagram components, there’s a complete discussion for that. They were given examples and forms for you to fully understand how the diagram works.

It discusses the UML Class Diagram Classes, Attributes and Relationships. These are the important factors in building the structure of Online Examination System.

How to Construct Online Examination System UML Class Diagram?

Now, to create the diagram for the online examination system, you will first determine its classes. So the classes that are included in an online examination would be the examinees, the examination, the exam provider or school, the requirements, and the subject. 

Simple Class Diagram (UML) for Online Examination System

Here, I will be showing you the sample constructed Online Examination System Class Diagram.  It was provided with its attributes and matching methods. This is constructed with the simple idea derived from the common function of an online examination.

Class Diagram for Online Examination System Construction

The illustration shown in this article gives you a hint on how to design your own Online Examination UML Class Diagram. It gives a simple idea of how the class diagram works.

Class Diagram for Online Examination System Construction
Class Diagram for Online Examination System

It resembles a flowchart in which classes are represented as boxes with three rectangles inside each box. The top rectangle has the class’s name; the middle rectangle contains the class’s properties; and the bottom rectangle contains the class’s methods, commonly known as “operations.”

As you can see through the illustration, the classes were determined, which are symbolized by boxes. They were designated with their corresponding attributes and show the class’ methods. Their relationships are also plotted to show the connections between classes and their multiplicity.

Bonus Tips on Designing the UML Class Diagram of Online Examination System

To design your class diagram, you may use platforms and editing tools online. These tools are helpful since they already have the needed symbols to illustrate your class diagram.

You just have to plot the included classes, attributes, and methods. Then you will put in the appropriate relationships that the system requires. 

The platforms or online tools that you may use are:
• Lucidchart
• Creately
• Smartdraw
• Edrawmax
• Canva


The Online Examination System Class Diagram is a modeled diagram that explains its classes and relationships. The diagram depicts the names and attributes of the classes, as well as their links and methods.

It is the most essential type of UML diagram, which is critical in software development. It is an approach to showing the system’s structure in detail, including its properties and operations.


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