Typeerror: ‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable

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In this article, we will discuss “typeerror: ‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable”, provide the possible causes of this error, and give solutions to resolve the error.

So first, let us know what this error means.

What is Typeerror: ‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable?

The “Typeerror: ‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable” is an error message indicating that you are trying to use an object of type ‘numpy.intc’ as an iterable.

This means you are trying to loop through or access its elements as if it were a collection of values.

However, this type of object is not iterable, which causes the TypeError to be raised.

What is numpy.intc?

“numpy.intc” is a data type in the NumPy library that represents a 32-bit integer on most platforms.

The “c” in intc stands for “C-compatible”, meaning that this data type is designed to be compatible with C code.

The numpy.intc data type is commonly used in situations where 32-bit integers are needed, such as:

  • Scientific
  • Engineering applications

It is also used internally by NumPy to represent integer arrays and other data structures.

Now, let us know what are the other reasons why the “TypeError: ‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable” error occurs.

How Typeerror: ‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable” occurs?

Here are the different reasons why the error message “TypeError: ‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable” can occur in Python, along with examples:

Reason 1: Trying to iterate over a single integer instead of an iterable:

When we try to loop over a non-iterable object, such as a single integer or a numpy.intc object that contains a single integer, we get the error.

For example:

import numpy as np

x = np.intc(5)
for i in x:

In this code, x is a single integer that has been cast to the numpy.intc data type.

However, the for loop tries to iterate over x as if it were an iterable, which triggers the error message:

TypeError: 'numpy.intc' object is not iterable

Reason 2: Attempting to sum the elements of each integer in a NumPy array

Attempting to sum the elements of each integer in a NumPy array can cause the TypeError.

Especially, when you try to iterate over the individual integer values in the NumPy array, instead of iterating over the array as a whole.

The sum() function expects an iterable object as its arguments, such as a list or an array.

However, when you try to use sum() on an individual integer value in the array, the code attempts to iterate over the integer value itself, which is not iterable.

This causes the TypeError with the message “‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable“.

Here is an example that attempting to sum the elements of each integer in a NumPy array

import numpy as np

#define array of data
data = np.intc([1, 2, 3, 4, 5])
for i in data:

In this example, The for loop in the code is trying to iterate over each integer in the array, which is causing a TypeError with the message:

TypeError: 'numpy.intc' object is not iterable

Now let us know how to fix this error.

How to solve Typeerror: ‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable?

Here are the alternative solutions that you can use to fix the“‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable” error:

Solution 1: Use the numpy.array() function

The error will fix if you create an array of integers using the numpy.array() function and iterate over the elements of the array, like this:

import numpy as np

#define array of data
data = np.array([5])
for i in data:

In this example, we create a one-dimensional NumPy array named data containing a single integer value of 5.

The for loop then iterates over the elements of the array and prints each element to the console.

Since data contains only one element, the for loop will execute only once, printing the value 5 to the console.

Solution 2: Use a NumPy function that does support the numpy.intc data type

When you use a NumPy function that supports the numpy.intc data type, it automatically handles the data type.

In a way that can be iterated over or processed as a whole, depending on the function’s implementation.

For example, in the example code in the second reason why an error occurs, we use the sum() function.

sum() function doesn’t support the numpy.intc data type.

So instead of using the sum() function we can use numpy.sum() function.

Here is the updated code:

import numpy as np

x = np.intc([1, 2, 3, 4, 5])
x_sum = np.sum(x)

In this code, we create a one-dimensional NumPy array named x containing the values [1, 2, 3, 4, 5].

It then calculates the sum of the elements in the array using the np.sum() function and assigns the result to the variable x_sum.

Finally, it prints the value of x_sum.

So those are the alternative solutions that you can try to fix “typeerror: ‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable” error.

I hope it helps you to solve your problem.

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In conclusion, in this article, we discuss Typeerror: ‘numpy.intc’ object is not iterable, provide its causes and give solutions that resolve the error.

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