C# : Date and Time Calcuation Methods


CalculationMethodDateFig.3Now, you are going to learn how to calculate the date and time of the present date using C#.net. This tutorial will help you calculate the months, days, hour, minutes and seconds of a present date in an instant. As a result, the numbers of the precise time will be displayed accurately in each field.


So, let’s begin:


  • Open Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new windows form application. After that, do the form just like this.


  • Go to the solution explorer, click the “view code” to fire the code editor.


  • Create a method to calculate today’s date to future date.

  • Go back to the design view, double-click the form and call a method to calculate today’s date to future date in the first load of the form.

  • Go back to the design view again, double-click the “calculate” button to fire the <code> click</code>  event handler of a button and do the following code in the method.



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