Runtimeerror: cuda error: invalid device ordinal

If you encounter this “Runtimeerror: Cuda Error: Invalid Device Ordinal” error. You already know how frustrating it should be.

The most frustrating and confusing, as it often occurs without any possible cause.

In this article, we will discuss what this error message means, why it occurs, and how we can fix it.

Why Does the “Invalid Device Ordinal” Error Occur?

Here are the three reasons why the “Invalid Device Ordinal” error occurs:

  • The CUDA device is not properly installed or configured.
  • The CUDA device might be busy or unavailable due to other processes using it.
  • The CUDA device index you’re attempting to use may be out of range.

How to Solve the “Invalid Device Ordinal” Error?

Here are the solutions to solve the “Invalid Device Ordinal” error:

Solution 1: Check Your GPU Configuration

The first solution in solving the “Invalid Device Ordinal” error is to check your GPU configuration.

Make sure that all of your GPUs are correctly connected and enabled.

You can use system utilities like Device Manager or NVIDIA Control Panel to check your GPU configuration.

Solution 2: Check Your Software Configuration

If your GPU configuration is correct, the next solution is to check your software configuration.

Make sure that your program is correctly configured to use the correct GPU.

Also, you need to check for conflicts between multiple GPU’s.

Make sure that your program does not try to access a disabled or non-existent GPU.

Solution 3: Update Your Drivers

The other common cause of the “Invalid Device Ordinal” error is out-of-date or corrupted GPU drivers.

To solve this problem, you need to update your GPU drivers to the latest version.

You can typically download the latest drivers from the NVIDIA website or through your GPU manufacturer’s website.

Solution 4: Reinstall CUDA

If none of the above solutions is working, the solution for that is to reinstall CUDA.

This will help to solve any software configuration problem that causing the error message.

To reinstall CUDA, follow the installation instructions provided by NVIDIA or your GPU manufacturer.

Additional Resources

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The “Runtimeerror: cuda error: invalid device ordinal” error can be frustrating and confusing, yet in this article, we provided solutions to fix it.

By checking your GPU and software configuration, updating your drivers, and reinstalling CUDA if necessary, you can get your program back up and running smoothly.


What is CUDA technology?

CUDA technology is a technology developed by NVIDIA which allows developers to advantage the power of graphics processing units (GPUs) for general-purpose.

What does the “Invalid Device Ordinal” error mean?

The “Invalid Device Ordinal” error is a common error message that occurs if a program attempts to access a GPU which does not exist or it has been disabled.