Nameerror: name _mysql is not defined

The “nameerror: name _mysql is not defined” is an error message raised when working with the mysql in Python.

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What is “_mysql” module?

The “_mysql” module is a low-level Python interface to the MySQL database. It provides a way for Python programs to interact with a MySQL database.

It is usually used as the basis for higher-level Python database interfaces, such as MySQLdb or PyMySQL.

Moreover, “_mysql” module is not included in the standard Python library because it is a a third-party module.

That is why when you use it, you have to install and import it separately.

What is “nameerror: name _mysql is not defined”?

The error message “nameerror: name ‘_mysql’ is not defined” occurs when the _mysql module is not installed on the system.

Or when the “_mysql” is not imported properly into your environment.

The “_mysql” module is a python MySQL driver and is required to connect to a MySQL database.

Therefore, if it is not installed or imported correctly, you may encounter this error message.

Why does “nameerror: name ‘_mysql’ is not defined” error message occur?

There are several reasons why this error occurs in your code. Here are the most common root causes of this error:

❌ The “_mysql” module is not installed.

❌ The “_mysql” is not imported properly.

❌ Incorrect installation.

❌ Compatibility issues.

❌ Typographical errors.

❌ Missing import statement.

How to fix “nameerror: name _mysql is not defined”?

To fix the “nameerror: name mysql is not defined,” you have to install the “_mysql” module using pip or another package manager.

And ensure that it is imported properly in your code.

1. Install the “_mysql” module

You have to make sure that the “_mysql” module is installed in your system.

You can install it using pip by executing the following command:

If you are using Python 2:

✅pip install mysql


 install mysqlclient

 pip install PyMySQL

If you are using Python3:

✅ pip3 install mysql


pip3 install mysqlclient

If you are using conda:

✅ conda install -c conda-forge mysql

Solution 2: Install the “_mysql” module from the source

When you try all the above solutions, but the error still exists. You can also try to install the “_mysql” module from the source:

cd farcepest-MySQL-python-*

sudo python install

tar -xvf MySQL-python.tar.gz

wget -O MySQL-python.tar.gz

Solution 3: Verify the connection

When the error still exists, ensure that you are using the correct MySQL connection string in your Python.

If you have modified something in the connection, you have to update it to avoid errors.

Here’s the default connection for MySQL string:


Additional solutions for “nameerror: name ‘_mysql’ is not defined”

When the above solutions do not resolve the error, you can execute the following command:

1. libmysqlclient-dev library

When you are trying to install the “_mysql” module, then the error is raised, maybe because you don’t have libmysqlclient-dev library installed in your system.

For Linux:

✅ sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev

2. Install Homebrew

You can install Homebrew if you are using Mac.

For Mac:

✅ brew install mysql-connector-c


In conclusion, the error message “nameerror: name ‘_mysql’ is not defined” occurs when the _mysql module is not installed on the system or when the “_mysql” is not imported properly into your environment.

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