How to Add Pictures to PowerPoint In Different Ways Quickly

In this tutorial, we will know various ways how to add pictures in Powerpoint. Along with inserting images from your computer or online sources and customizing the appearance of your images.

PowerPoint is a popular presentation software used by individuals, businesses, and organizations for creating professional presentations.

Aside from that it offers a wide range of features, including the ability to add images and other multimedia elements to make presentations more engaging and interactive.

Now we will discover different ways to add pictures…

How to Add Pictures to PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

The following are ways how to add pictures to PowerPoint Presentations.

  1. Insert Picture From File

    To insert a picture from your computer, click on Insert Tab>Picture button and select “This device”. This will open a file explorer window, allowing you to navigate to the location of the image you want to insert.

    Insert Picture

    Once you have located the image, simply click on it to select, and then click “Insert“. The image will then be added to your slide.

    Insert Picture From Device

  2. Insert Picture from Online Source

    In addition to inserting pictures from your computer, you can also insert pictures from online sources. To do this, click on the “Picture” button, and select “Online Pictures“.

    Insert Picture Online

    This will open a window where you can search for and select images from a variety of online sources. Once you have found an image you want to use, simply click on it to select and then click “Insert“.

    Online Picture

    The image should then be added to your slide as you can see below.


  3. Insert using Keyboard Shortcut

    All you have to do is Click Alt+N+P+D or O on your keyboard.
    When you press Alt series of letters will pop up along the top of the ribbon area.

    Alt Key

    And upon pressing N will open Insert Tab followed by P will open the pictures option of the insert tab.

    Alt N

    Alt N P

    Lastly, either you press D, or O will open the dialog box where you will get images from.
    —> D will launch your local Windows Explorer.
    —> O will launch a Bing Image search window.

Other ways to Add pictures to PowerPoint:

Those given above are common ways to add pictures and it really depends on your need and what truly works best for you. In addition, here are some alternative ways you can use.

1. Clip Art

Using Clip Art you can add pre-made images and illustrations from the Office Clip Art collection by clicking on the “Insert” tab, then selecting “Clip Art.”

2. Screenshot

In addition, you can add pictures using a screenshot of any open window on your computer by clicking the “Insert” tab, then selecting “Screenshots.”

3. Scanner or Camera

If you have a scanner or camera connected to your computer, you can add a picture by clicking the “Insert” tab, then selecting “Pictures.” You will then be able to select either “From Scanner or Camera” or “From File.”

4. Copy and Paste:

You can also add a picture by copying it from another source, such as a web page or a file on your computer, and then paste it into PowerPoint.

To do this, right-click the image you want to copy, select “Copy,” then go to the slide where you want to paste the image, and right-click and select “Paste.”

How to Customize Picture in PowerPoint

Once you have inserted a picture into your slide, you can customize its appearance to make it fit in with the overall look and feel of your presentation.

Some of the ways you can customize your pictures include:

  • Resizing
    • You can resize your pictures by clicking on them to select, and then dragging the handles on the corners or sides of the picture.
Resize Image
Resize Image
  • Cropping
    • You can crop your pictures by clicking on them to select, and then using the “Crop” tool on the “Picture Format” tab.
Crop Picture Format
Crop Picture Format
  • Adding Effects
    • You can add special effects to your pictures, such as shadows, reflections, and borders, by using the “Picture Effects” option on the “Picture Format” tab.
Adding Effects in Picture
Adding Effects in Picture
  • Adjusting Brightness and Contrast
    • You can adjust the brightness and contrast of your pictures by using the “Adjust Group Options “ on the “Picture Format” tab.

Adjust Brightness and Contrast Picture Format

How to add a picture as a background in PowerPoint

In addition to using pictures to illustrate specific points in your presentation, you can also use pictures as backgrounds to give your presentation a unique and professional look.

  • To do this, simply right-click on an empty area of the slide, and select “Format Background“. From there, you can choose a picture to use as the background, or select a solid color if you prefer.

How to add a picture caption in PowerPoint

Adding captions to your pictures can help to provide context and information about what is being shown in your presentation.

  • To add a caption to a picture, click on the picture to select it, and then click on the “Picture” button on the “Format” tab. From there, select “Captions” and choose the type of caption you want to add.


In conclusion, adding pictures to PowerPoint can enhance the visual appeal of your presentation and make it more engaging and interactive.

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