modulenotfounderror: no module named worker airflow

In this article, we will discuss the solutions on how to resolve the modulenotfounderror: no module named worker airflow.

What is worker airflow?

In Airflow, the “worker” refers to a process that runs tasks on behalf of the Airflow scheduler. The Airflow architecture is based on a master-worker model.

Where the Airflow scheduler is the master process that manages the scheduling and execution of tasks.

The workers are the worker processes that actually execute the tasks.

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Why the error no module named worker airflow occur?

The error message “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘worker’” occurs because the python interpreter cannot find the installed module named “worker” on your Python environment.

Moreover, the other reason is that the error usually occurs if the Airflow is unable to find the worker module that its needs to run the Airflow worker process.

Error can occur for several reasons

  • The worker module is haven’t been installed in your Python PATH environment.
  • The Airflow configuration doesn’t set up properly, and Airflow cannot find the worker module.
  • There is a typo or misspelling in the code that is causing Airflow to look for the worker module in the wrong place.
  • The path to the module is not properly set up in the DAG file.
  • The module worker is not available in the system path.
  • The worker process is not started or is not running.

How to solve the error no module named ‘worker airflow’?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Here are the steps to solve the error no module named ‘worker airflow’.

  • Step 1: Install “apache-airflow” module

    When you are using Airflow, it is possible that you should install the “apache-airflow” module and any additional packages which are needed for your specific use case. You can do this using pip command, the package installer for Python, through running the following command in your terminal or command prompt:

    pip install apache-airflow[all]

    If you run the above command it will install and download dependencies, including the “worker” module which is required for Airflow to function properly on your python environment.

    install apache airflow in modulenotfounderror no module named worker airflow

  • Step 2: Uninstall apache-airflow module

    if you have already installed the “apache-airflow” module and you are still getting an error, it is possible that the module does not install properly.

    In this situation, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the module using the following commands:

    pip uninstall apache-airflow

    Then after you run the command above it will uninstall or remove all the dependencies in your python environment.

    Next, you need to install it again with the following command:
    pip install apache-airflow[all]

Ensure to check that you are using the correct Python environment and that PATH variable is correctly configured to include the required directories for your Python environment.

Install worker airflow module in Jupyter Notebook

Here is the following command to install the worker airflow module in Jupyter Notebook:

!pip install apache-airflow[all]

Install worker airflow module in Conda

Do not forget to activate the CONDA environment with source activate airflow or conda activate airflow (it depends on the conda version installed). Furthermore, you can install the pip packages in the correct Python path environment with the following command:

conda run -n airflow pip install "apache-airflow[s3, postgres]"


In conclusion, to resolve the “No module named ‘worker’ airflow” error, you can check if the “worker” module is installed in your Python environment or virtual environment. Then if the path to the module is correctly specified in the DAG file.

Additionally, you can check if the module is available in the system path environment and if the worker process is started and running successfully.

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