16-Generating Reports (part 2)

In my previous tutorial which is 15-Generating Reports (part 1) I set up the ODBC data source for the Student Registration database. Now, I will create a report of a student in the Crystal Report using Visual Studio 2008.


First, open your Visual Studio 2008, open the file of the 15-Generating Reports (part 1). Then, add a new item which is Crystal Reports, name it “EmpInfo”, and hit “add”.



After that, the Crystal Reports Gallery will show. Select a radio button of “Using the Report Ward”, select a “standard” for choosing an expert and hit “ok”.



And then, the Standard Report Wizard will show. Select “Create New Connection” , after that, select the folder of ODBC (RDO). The Data Source selection will show and select the name of your data source (“Emp_info”) that you created in the previous tutorial. Then, hit “next”.



The connection information will show. Write the word “root” to the user id and leave the password blank. Then hit “Finish”.



The database will be added to the folder of ODBC (RDO). Select the table of the database and hit the “greater than sign(>)”. After that, hit “next”.


Then, choose the fields that you want to display in the reports.
Hit the “Finish”.



This will be the output after you hit the “Finish”.



You can now preview it and you can change the header if you like.


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