09-Creating Manage User Form

This tutorial is all about Creating Manage User Form.
After finishing the last topic for creating the Employee’s Registration Form. Now, we’re going to focus in creating a Manage User’s Form. This time, I’m going to add a new Form for the registration of the user.


Let’s begin:



Open the file of “EmployeesInformationSystem” and add a new Form. In adding a Form, go to the solution explorer and right click the file. After that hit the “add” and select a “ Windows Form”.


After selecting the Windows Form, the “Add New Item” will appear. Then, name the Form into “ManageUserForm” and hit add.


After that, you have to set up the Form for registration of the users and It will look like this.


Now, set up the start up Form into the “ManageUserForm” so that, if you run the project, the first Form that will appear is the ManageUserForm”. Go to the solution explorer, right click and hit the properties. After that, change the start up Form into “ManageUserForm”.

You can now run the project for you to see the transformation.


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