Tools and Equipment Monitoring System |Chapter 1

Tools and Equipment Monitoring System Chapter 1

This Tools and Equipment Monitoring System were brought about by the advent of the modern technology, specifically with the invention and advancement of computers. Change is way of life for people in today’s society to cope up successfully with the changing world we must recognize that change. From simplicity to complexity, and from laborious tasks ton an easy click of the mouse.

Construction companies had been through a lot of problems regarding with their tools that had been lost or stolen and it’s hard for them to identify who are the responsible for that losses. That is why proponents decided to proposed this Tools and Equipment Monitoring System to be able to help construction companies. And today’s generation companies are now making their systems computerized because using a computerized system will help the company minimize the time and efforts consumed by using manual system.

Everything can be monitored through a simple system, calculate depreciation, and keep a historical data-trail on usage. Manage borrowed tools/equipment and non-consumable tools, too. Best of all, locate any tool/equipment and give employees reports of what they owe you.

Tools and Equipment Monitoring System maintain information about activities within firms. Currently, the tools and equipment monitoring system are performed manually by the staff. For every equipment’s, a piece of paper needs to be filled up in order to keep track the information.

This manual system was found to have a lot of weaknesses such as disappear of the tool’s records, losing of tools, in-out transaction record and misplace of tools’ are the most improve and advantage in term of tools and equipment’s development, it deals in different aspect of regular checking of some storage items inside the stock room, it provides a timeless process between the management and the borrower in the process of borrowing and returning the tools equipment’s from the management.

Objectives of the Study

The general objectives of the study is to develop an efficient and useful Tools and Equipment Monitoring System that provides easier and faster and secure borrowing of tools and equipment.

Specific Objectives     

  1. To developed a system with the following features:

a. Monitoring of Tools and Equipment

b. Reports Generation

 2. To evaluate the usability of the system based on the following parameters:

    1. System Usefulness

    2. Information Quality

    3. Interface Quality

    4. Overall Quality                                

Scope and Limitation

Tools and Equipment Monitoring System is developed for the constructions companies regarding with the tools and equipment losses. We started developing this system during 1st semester (AY 2019-2020) this system is for TIFARICH Construction Company. This study it engaged the mind of some management on how to properly monitor of their tools and equipment’s through computer system. Tools and Equipment Monitoring System Limitations the system only covers the monitoring of non-consumable tools and equipment. This is not capable of the payroll of employees. The system is not related to the budget of construction site.

The system will cover inputting, searching, updating the records the monitoring module will display the overview of the system the administrator is the only authorized person to view and manipulate the entire system. This includes the list of all equipment’s by its category, list of borrower’s and equipment’s that have been borrowed, etc.  For further information, this implementation of our system the Tools Equipment Monitoring System would secure all equipment’s and provides the management an automated processes and computerized data records.

The system functionality provides the following: tools and equipment’s list (borrower’s list (borrowed date/time, returned date/time, full name, address, borrowed tools/equipment), and easily and faster reviewing data, rules and regulation for those borrower who did not return or those borrowers who create a damage to the equipment, list and type of equipment been used by the employees.  

It avoids some difficult circumstances and loss of that data and items not just in that mean but also to minimized the time consumption in gathering and borrowing equipment’s. For every tools that employees may use/borrowed it is easy for the management to identify or locate, they can check the inventory records and system provides location for the equipment so that if equipment bring to another place then the in charge will easily update the record of equipment and it will upper to the records list.

Significance of the study

This System Tools and Equipment Monitoring System will provide the efficient service to give the management satisfaction that enable to transact fast, secure and reliable.

Future Researchers

The future researchers who want to conduct a similar study on this one can used this study as their basis or one or their resources or guide. The project has still a lot of things that needs to be improved, for that it’s up for the future researchers to enhance the project.


This project will be very helpful to the management of the office or unit in terms of reliability and accuracy of reports. The system can produce real time reports faster and easier compare to the manual process. The system has a search module that allows the user to easily look for an item and view its details in less amount of time.


With this study, the skills of researchers/developers in programming, software development and database design will be challenged and utilized. Thesis or capstone project is where we showcase your skills and hard work as a student, so this is the right opportunity to enhance our knowledge.

Definition of Terms

The terms being stated below are the terms that is commonly used in the system and are defined as follows.

Information Quality – A quality of the content of information systems. It is often pragmatically defined as the fitness for use of the information provided.

In this study, it refers to the tools and equipment monitoring system information quality.

Interface Quality – A quality user interface allows user to perform tasks with speed and ease, in other words it operates with efficiency.

In this study, it refers to the tools and equipment monitoring system information quality.

Inventory – A complete list of the things that are in a place.

In this study, it refers to the tools and equipment borrowed by the employees.

Record – A collection of fields, possibly of different data types.

In this study, it refers to the list of important information of Tool and Equipment Monitoring System. 

Reports – An official document that gives information about a particular subject.

In this study, it refers to the statement that tells about something that happened in a business, reports are the important accounts of transaction.

Reports Generation– A rapid, accurate and simple means of gathering data.

In this study, it refers to the tools and equipment monitoring system reports generation the overall reports of the system.

System– A collection of elements or components that are organized for a common                                           purpose.   

In this study, it refers to the tools and equipment monitoring system.

SystemUsefulness– A system functions allow users to complete a set of tasks and achieve specific goals in a particular context of use.

In this study, it refers to the tools and equipment monitoring system usefulness.

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