Sales Management System using VB.Net With Source Code

In this article, we will hand you the Sales Management System in VB.NET along with free source code.

What is a Sales Management System

The Sales Management System is intended for small-business enterprise especially those that deals with vehicle cash installments or straight cash.

The system can make the transaction into an automated transaction where the owner can just look upon the payment trail of the customer to see if the said customer has completed his/her outstanding balance from the date of his/her purchase.

Sales Management System using VB.Net Features:

Here are the features of the Sales Management System:

  1. Product Registration
  2. Transaction
  3. Payments
  4. Payment Trail
  5. Stocks
  6. Report Generation
  7. Receipt Generation

The system software requirements needed for this system to run on your unit are the following:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio – for the workspace of the system
  2. XAMPP – for database configuration and use

The system hardware requirements needed for this system to run on your unit are the following:

  1. Intel Core i3 or later
  2. 2GB RAM or higher
  3. 500GB HDD or higher

Download the Source Code

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Benefits of a Sales Management System

A sales management system is a tool that can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of a sales team. Here are some of its key benefits:


It serves as a database for storing and organizing information about leads and customers, making it easier to retrieve this information when needed.


It allows your team to assign tasks and set deadlines, fostering a structured work environment.


The system can automate certain tasks, saving valuable time for your team.

Lead Management and Conversion

It enables the sales manager to assign tasks to the appropriate representative and prioritize promising leads.

Team Collaboration

It promotes teamwork by coordinating tasks across different departments in the company.

Inventory Management

It can assist in managing inventory effectively.

Pipeline Tracking

It helps you keep track of your sales pipeline.

Sales Target Achievement

With better organization and management, it can help teams exceed their sales targets.

In addition to that, a sales management system can also increase sales revenue and profitability, improve the reliability of sales forecasts, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce staff turnover, add predictability and forecasting capacity, and ensure that your sales process is repeatable and measurable.

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